Good news at Christmas

More than 2,000 years ago a child was born in Bethlehem who would change the world. There is probably not a country on earth whose people have never heard the name of Jesus, and at least a few details about his life. He came with a message of peace, truth and hope for the Jewish nation. But the ruling class saw him as a threat to their status quo and had him put to death.

Israel today is in the middle of an experiment. Children’s lives are at stake, just as they were when Herod ordered the “massacre of the innocents”. Today the weapon is not a sword – it is a needle.

Now, like then, there are good and bad Jewish people living in Israel. This woman, Efrat Fenigson, is good.

Efrat Fenigson brings a message of goodwill from Israel

Brief summary

She brings a message of hope. 33% of population in Israel not “vaccinated”. 45% holds a valid green pass. Masks are only there to educate the public. They have no other use.

There was a massive campaign to get children aged 5 to 11 vaccinated but only 10% fell for it. The government has declared this as a failure.

Plan for “vaxxed” citizens to wear bracelets in shopping-centres fell through. Special orders are being issued to allow police to go into people’s houses without a warrant.

Despite being only 94 people in hospital with serious Covid they want to lock down the “unvaccinated”.

Adverse effects disastrous.

Words of encouragement: it’s a mind-control marathon. Work on your mental state. We will win this fight but it is going to go on for a while. People all over the world are building bridges in this war.

Stay strong everybody.

We will win.

And Happy Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Good news at Christmas

  1. If the masks are there just to educate the people surely the intent is to educate the people not to wear them. As C02 is heavier than air it sinks to the bottom of the mask and that person ends up breathing in their own exhaled C02.

    Happy Xmas and New Year.


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