Patreon – mass exit called for

Patreon is a means of supporting artists by subscription. In theory that sounds good. But it’s not so good if they take patrons money without giving the patron what he or she paid for.

OffGuardian, one of the most honest news outlets in existence, had a creative account on Patreon where donors could chip in to read articles and thus become patrons of the arts. As such it had what Patreon calls a Creator page.

Suddenly, and without warning, the whole source of funding for OffG’s Creator page was suspended. OffGuardian has been told that to get its page back it needs to:

review and remove any and all content that advances COVID-19 medical misinformation

Now, as an OffGuardian reader for several years, I have not seen any COVID-19 medical misinformation. All the medical misinformation I have come across is from SAGE, MSM, and the like, who have been blatantly lying since the yerunda began.

And why now? Patreon had apparently not spotted any “medical misinformation” for previous years. I don’t know, but my suspicion is that somebody must have trod on Patreon’s toes and put a stranglehold round their neck, to make them, all of a sudden, target one of the few real media sources of information.

Fighting back in solidarity

This does not affect me, because I had no idea until this unexpected event what Patreon was, or is. What I do know is that it will never get my support unless or until it runs a pluralist hosting site free from discrimination.

I therefore call on anyone being hosted by Patreon to come off the platform in support of OffGuardian.

What is happening is like life under the Third Reich. If we don’t stand side by side with one another by the time they come for the rest of us there will be nobody there to defend us. We, artists in particular, need to stand shoulder to shoulder, side by side, in defeating this evil.

When this war on the human race comes to an end future generations may ask:

  • Where were you mummy and daddy, when they imprisoned Julian Assange for telling the truth?
  • Where were you mummy and daddy when they locked up Craig Murray for reporting on a court case?
  • Where were you mummy and daddy, when they killed all those millions with their gene therapies?
  • Where were you mummy and daddy, when they took away OffGuardian’s main source of funding?

Please don’t let the answer to these, and other similar questions, be cowering in a mask, social distancing, following orders, afraid to leave your home.

One thought on “Patreon – mass exit called for

  1. Good one John. I have read OffG for several years and respect their reporting and their very excellent contributors. I abandoned Patreon some time ago. I only contribute via my Credit Card account. I will not use PayPal or any other third party – they are financial predators IMHO.

    Well done on this new site – it is excellent and a great improvement on the original. I follow you regularly and often re-post your work – with acknowledgement of course:

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