Dr. Daniel Nagase on the false science

Today I am referencing Dr. Mark Trozzi’s blog-post which includes a Rumble interview of Dr. Daniel Nagase, another medical professional who has lost a hospital position for telling the truth about the experimental gene therapies injected into people, including children, under the misnomer “vaccines”. Watch the video and you will learn that Pfizer knows its injections are causing harm.

You will learn that cancer patients in remission are likely to have their cancers back with a vengeance, something I heard corroborated last night by an Irish GP of nearly 40 years, Dr. Michael McConville.

You will learn a hypothesis that athletes are probably suffering death and life-changing events because their blood is pumping artery-damaging toxins faster than it does in sedentary or less active people.

You will learn how the spike protein is carried by lipid-nanoparticles to healthy cells which become spike producing factories for the life of the cells. By a process known as reverse-transcryptase the mRNA is changed into DNA and a fragment of DNA can insert itself into the cell’s DNA causing permanent change – this is thought to be responsible for the increase in cancers and mutations.

You will learn the risk to innocent children. Dr Nagase agrees with Dr. Roger Hodkinson, who calls the injection of children with these bio-weapons “child sacrifice”.

Please watch and listen to Dr. Nagase’s Interview on the Iron Will Show hosted by Rumble and reproduced directly below.

Dr. Trozzi writes: “We must end this madness, and restore law, order, and human rights. Please, we urge everyone to take action and help stop the killing. Please support and use the World Council For Health Cease and Desist Declaration. For Dr Trozzi’s brief on the declaration, click here.

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  1. I thought I had already commented, but can’t find it now. Anyway this is a fantastic post. Thankyou for making it easy for us to find and sign the declaration.


  2. I just read your ‘About’ John and agree that we are on the same side and we will win this war by sticking together and supporting each other. I write for Jim Quinn at The Burning Platform and I am sure he would welcome your input. The site is global and I have readers from all over the world. Jim might link your too – which I think would be a great asset for us. Jim’s email is:quinnadvisors@gmail.com

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