Andy Howell, Penny Holbrook deaths and Starmer’s Labour killer-shot policy

Few would have thought the Labour Party, once the party of the people, would stoop to killing those it purports to support under the pretence of protecting them. Before Tuesday’s vote on vaccine passports, the wedge to prise open the door to mandatory vaccination, I wrote to my MP, Steve McCabe, reminding him of an earlier correspondence with him while I was still in the Labour Party. His response on 2 October 2020 included these “reassurances”:

Without a preventative treatment for Covid-19, it is likely we will be dealing with the effects of the virus for many years to come so I welcome the current research into developing a vaccine.

He understood “that there is a concern that trials for potential Covid-19 vaccinations will be rushed to curb the virus but clinical trials are subject to regulations set in UK law” and he had faith in the MHRA not proceeding unless “it was safe to do so.”

I believe that no vaccination will be rolled out to the British public without correct licensing and thorough trials.

Needless to say, when the MHRA rolled out the vaccines without a licence Steve McCabe M.P. said nothing. When he responded to me shortly before he had plenty to say.

I appreciate your worries about the Government making the Covid-19 vaccination mandatory and that there will be penalties for non-compliance. However I feel this a highly unlikely outcome as there are currently no vaccinations that are mandatory in the UK and there is no basis in law to enforce mandatory vaccination.

On Tuesday, Steve McCabe, help take away a piece of UK freedom and voted with the Tory hierarchy to introduce NAZI-style vaccine passports, as a penalty against those of us not complying, with further impositions of needless mask-wearing and other degenerative dictates to dumb down the country.

Two councillors who may have been killed by the “vaccines”

Alderman Andy Howell, singer, guitarist, Aston Villa supporter, and well-loved Labour councillor had been advocating the jab far-and-wide across Birmingham, following the Labour whip. On 16 June this year he found it “extraordinary” that “over 61,000 people in Brum” in the sixty-plus age-group had declined the jab and at that time he had taken to advising people of that age group accordingly.

We should all know what we should be doing by now!

The late Alderman Andy Howell, 16 June 2021 – Facebook comment

On 7 October 2021, Labour councillor, Penny Holbrook, was tweeting “We learnt the incredibly sad news today that our good friend, Honorary Alderman Andy Howell, passed away yesterday after a short illness.”

A month and a half later Penny was dead herself. According to press reports she died suddenly at her home. An obituary said she died peacefully. She was only 43.

Keir Starmer send a message of condolence.

“I’ve just heard this sad news, putting politics aside my thoughts are with her family who’ll be absolutely devastated. It’s very sad news and I think everybody will just want to send their condolences.”

The message says it all, especially the “putting politics aside” inclusion. Penny Holbrook was a councillor concerned about housing issues and the welfare of people where she lived in Stockland Green, people who she helped with their problems. That is why it’s unlikely Keir Starmer would agree with her. She actually cared for people, while Starmer is a bought man.

Starmer has all the makings of a Third Reich leader. He has no compunction in seeing an innocent man, Julian Assange, deteriorate in prison for telling the truth about war-crimes and seemingly played a big part in securing Mr. Assange’s imprisonment. Apart from a handful of MPs, who voted against vaccine passports, the whole Labour cohort can be tarred with the same brush.

Nobody can say if the “vaccines” had a role in either of the aforementioned councillors’ deaths. Proper autopsies are not being conducted on “post-vaccinated” fatalities, so as things stand only private autopsies can determine the real cause of death. However we know “vaccines” do cause death. If anyone has suspicions that the jab has been responsible for a loved one’s demise I urge them to pay for a private autopsy to see if their suspicions are correct. Funeral donations could go towards allaying autopsy costs.

Thanks to the work of pathologist, Dr. Arne Burkhardt, it is now absolutely certain that the concoctions Keir Starmer and his colleagues are advocating have been responsible for many deaths because the pattern is repeating wherever proper autopsies take place. Out of 17 autopsies he performed on those who died “post-vaccination”, 16 can clearly and irrefutably be put down to the jab. Since the Doctors for Covid Ethics article went up Dr. Burkhardt has performed two further autopsies confirming his original findings.

Other pathologists are now starting to conduct autopsies like Dr. Bukhardt and the results are, it has been suggested, the same.

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