The Paid Pipers of Hamburg

Parents in Hamburg are being pressured into having their young children’s lives destroyed by the untested gene therapies wrongly called vaccines. They have received a letter urging them to punish their unadulterated little 5-11 year-olds by injecting them with these downright dangerous concoctions. The letter contains a link instructing them to go to their local GP, and if that practice is not recommending “vaccination” of children, to search elsewhere until they find one that is.

This pure evil flies in the face of the truth. Here is Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology, who emphatically states that injecting these clot-shots not be done – because afterwards it cannot be undone. The damage caused is there forever.

Robert Malone, scientist, inventor of mRNA technology

These paid pipers of Hamburg, spreading misinformation, need bringing to justice. What is wrong with the world? What is wrong with a parent who would have their own child subjected to a procedure that could change their lives forever?

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