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Sunday morning, 12 December 2021, on Radio 4, Professor John Edmunds, of SAGE, was asked if anybody had died from the Omicron strain. He had to admit that nobody had. Despite this admission he advocated new vaccines, and predicted that restrictive measures would have to be introduced to combat it. Most of what he said on that occasion can be found in this Guernsey Press article, which is not accepting comments – and you can probably work out why?

The next day, right on cue, it was announced that there had been one death from Omicron. So in 2022 we would be likely to see all the Covid-19 deaths, and all the flu deaths, labelled as Omicron, to keep the gullible, mask-wearing loyalists scared out of their wits. These professors have blood on their hands. They are deliberate murderers.

Professor John Edmunds, Professor Mike Tildesley, Professor Mark Woolhouse, Professor Tim Spector, Professor Neil Ferguson, Professor Chris Whitty, Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, and others belonging to this elite dictatorship, should be in prison for pushing the “vaccine” agenda that is killing good people, good people who believe in the non-scientific nonsense being pumped out from the SAGE sewage plant. Each of them brings disgrace to the epithet Professor. If they are professors, they are professors of propaganda.

What is more they are cowards. They hide in the underskirts of DAVOS, the WHO, and the super-rich elites who own Blackrock and its multiple outlets, from the entire banking system to chain-stores, from agricultural super-farms to the world’s mineral reserves. My colleague in Australia, Dr. Ken Sievers has written about this global domination at Australian Voice.

Why are they cowards?

Quite simply they present no credible evidence for the restrictions they are trying to impose on society. They will not debate these measures with others, that is, with real experts, experts who are unable to get their voices heard because these same elites own the media which are pushing this murderous agenda. They are literally as frightened as the mask-wearing loyalists they have brainwashed with their crap, but they are not frightened of a virus or “pandemic”. They know that is a load of codswallop. They are frightened to stand by their fake science in public. Sucharit Bhakdi has invited them, in much friendlier terms than I might be inclined to use, were I an expert in the field.

“We challenge you to come forth and debate the matter with us in an open and honest fashion. This challenge extends to all medical institutions that continue to laud the merits of COVID-vaccination.”

Sucharit Bhakdi, Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium, 10 December 2021

As I write parliament is debating mask dictates and passport dictates but Boris Johnson, although a few Tory backbenchers are protesting, knows he has the full support of Keir Starmer and the opposition. Politics is owned by the elite cartel. SAGE is owned by the elite cartel. The media are owned by the elite cartel. That is why there will not be a real debate.

Follow the science. There is no science to follow. And no scientists. They are, like the politicians, charlatans.

Not one of these professors, hiding behind their actors’ face masks, has the courage to have his or her views challenged in open debate. The reason is they know they have been gulling the public. Ask any of them this!

Will one of you remove your face-paint and agree to an open debate about the medical reasons for imposing such ridiculous restrictions?

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