Every blogger should read and watch this

As bloggers our human rights went to Saughton prison with Craig Murray. Our human rights are still in Belmarsh prison with Julian Assange. Anyone who writes a blog or journal should be allowed to speak freely, providing their words are not hateful, harmful or based in fascist bigotry. Craig Murray, imprisoned for doing nothing but report on a court case, has the humility after leaving prison to speak out on behalf of other people abused by globalists.

The Scottish judicial system is a disgrace. The English judicial system is a disgrace. The target is all of us – bloggers, journalists, social media comment-makers – all who speak out against an elite whose collective power is as enormous as its abuse of such power.

They need to remember what Shelley said about us being the majority, while they are very few in number. If anybody needs to be in prison it is Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros and the other control freaks, who through their collective actions have created a system which imprisons good people while they remain free to indulge themselves.

For Craig Murray, and for me, the duplicity of the judgment is clear: bloggers face a different judicial system to journalists: “new media would be jailed where mainstream media would be fined.”

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