Dr. Noack (dead), Dr Campra reveals strange objects in the vaxxed

Mad games are being played and we need to be very wary. Distinguished German chemist, Dr Andreas Noack, has been the central character in two stories of his death on 26 November.

Both stories are from his grieving partner, Anna-Carina-Noack. The first is here. In it Anna grieves over the death of her partner with whom she is pregnant shortly after he had released information about graphene oxide and graphene hydroxide in the poisonous injections. She says he never recovered from a police attack. That attack was twelve months previously on 20 November 2020 and captured on video.

In a further video from Anna about his death (no full English translation yet) she says that he died in hospital from a heart attack on 26 November, and she also hints at a microwave attack. While the fact-checker’s report by Sarah Schmidt may be accurate, it shows no concern for a grieving and pregnant woman who has just lost the man she loves. It is just what Schmidt’s paid to do.

Extra caution needed until more is known.

Has the clot-shot made you a robot?

Some research out of Spain appears to show nano-circuits under the microscope. Thanks again to Mark Playne from Not On The Beeb for making it available. Dr. Campra has discovered something that may amount to nano-micro-chipping.

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