A foreboding aboriginal death

Sadly, David Gulpilil Ridjimiraril Dalaithngu, passed away today, (29 November 2021). He will be remembered for his role in Crocodile Dundee. His debut into the world of films took place after being discovered by Nicolas Roeg and engaged as a child hero in the film “Walkabout”. At the time he could speak no English and had had no schooling.

While many Australians mourn the death of actor, David Gulpilil, other aborigines are facing a daunting prospect of “vaccination” by stealth. In the Northern Territory, where Gulpilil was born, the army is allegedly forcing people from their homes into quarantine camps. What happens to them afterwards is anyone’s guess. People who are Covid-19 positive, after taking the suspect PCR test, are being transported forcibly from their homes.

First of all, where are they getting information on positive cases? The Northern Territory website has a link to Book a test and check your symptoms. More like book a holiday to one of our quarantine camps.

Secondly, once incarcerated do we know if “vaccination” is the only ticket to freedom?

The writing is on the wall. OffGuardian embedded a video from the Guardian itself showing Northern Territories Chief Minister, Michael Gunner, a man so steeped in bigotry it oozes from his every pore, as greed for his reward in getting the job done, wells in his avaricious eyes. When he starts to rant there is no leeway whatsoever. His politics are absolute, a word he uses in its adverbial form, constantly. In the clip in this article he uses “absolutely” four times in the first minute. He is an absolutist and you should know what that means in politics.

Even more cause for alarm, as of today, there has not been a single recorded death in the Northern Territory from Covid-19. There have only been 290 confirmed cases, 231 of whom have recovered, 52 are active local cases, 1 active interstate case and 5 active overseas cases – so perhaps one has died, or the department needs someone with basic arithmetic – because the combined numbers only total 289. There is no need to vaccinate anyone.

Source: Northern Territory current status for covid-19 data

Not a single death, take note, yet this determined absolutist, who also loves the word mandate, is hell-bent on vaccinating the whole Northern Territory. He spits out the word “anti-vaxxer” with the ferocity and venom of a coastal taipan.

Gunner, this antipodean personification of hatred, stresses: “we are absolutely going to make sure as many territories as possible are vaccinated, that is our best protection against this thing, and if you look at the “dotybubbens” that’s going to come out since, they said that if you double-dose 80 in remote communities, 5 and up, I think you’ll see our vaccine mandate is absolutely crucial to protecting life, particularly aboriginal life. . .”

Whatever he is babbling on about it makes little sense. As to the “dotybubbens” some research shows it may have something to do with a Doherty institute model, at least, according to this ABC news report. Even ABC does not try to interpret what the exact terminology was in this Bidenesque expletive of gobbledygook.

What does he mean by “if you double-dose 80 in remote communities”? 80 people, 80 percent, 80 towns? And what does he mean by 5 and up? That is the scariest of all. What else can it be than those aged 5 and upwards? The poor little innocent children, who do not suffer from Covid-19, in an area of Australia that has not had a single adult death are being exposed to Gunner’s mandated jab against a virus that has proved harmless – and long past its sell-by date.

The sad thing is that while the chief minister of mandated absolutism has already seen 95% of inhabitants over 16 jabbed with one dose, and and 86% jabbed with two doses, plus 73% of 12-15 year- olds jabbed with one dose and 51% with two doses, he is now targeting the helpless innocents of the 5-11 age-group.

With 82.1% of South Australia adults “vaccinated” it is highly likely that David Gulpilil was among them because that is where he spent his last days. Dr. Ryan Cole has noted a 20 times increase in cancer since the jab roll-out. We do not know enough about short-term damage from the jabs, let alone the long-term damage. Australia is months behind in reporting adverse reactions and deaths from the toxic shot. There is nothing on the Northern Territory website.

Northern Territory is one of the most sparsely populated territories in Australia. All the Goss has already noted how certain countries – always sparsely populated, at least for the time being – are treated in the harshest manners possible, for the global elite to work out a means of subjugating the rest of us.

This man, Michael Gunner, is a threat to the planet – and life upon it. He should be in prison.

David Gulpilil – for you, and your people, the eternal dreaming begins anew.

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    1. It’s terrible Judy. What is happening in Australia is going to happen everywhere else in the world if we do not support you against autocrats like Dan Andrews and Michael Gunner. The world’s gone mad.

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  1. People might also want to see Suzie Halewood’s article at The Conservative Woman.


    “If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that governments will do as they or their illuminati overlords please. The needs, wishes and requirements of ‘we, the people’ are little more than an irritant.”

    She also gives Gunner’s email address.


  2. Thankyou for putting the article up AllGoss, It inspired me to send the letter below to the Premier of NT. I copied in every politician in Australia either openly or bcc’d, depending on their affiliations and stance.I noticed that the system instantly automatically rejected for every politician in the socialist State of Victoria. I also bcc’d some of the voting small business owners in the socialist states.

    Dear Premier of Northern Territory Michael Gunner,

    We watched you on the MSM news https://youtu.be/8hIKhtCB8PA?t=11 Why do you have such strong views about vaccination for a virus that the evidence shows is far less lethal than the annual seasonal flu. (To verify the quote below word search on Context, it will be the second hit.

    There are on average 2,500–3,000 deaths every year as a result of seasonal influenza in Australia. An estimated 1 billion are infected seasonally throughout the world.

    Why do you attempt to name and shame intelligent people and divide our society over a virus that is indistinguishable from the common cold.?

    You passionately declare that you will protect the lives of everyone in the Northern Territory from this supposedly dangerous and lethal mutation in the corona family. But, in reality your draconian over-reaction seems to be facilitating the incarceration and death of those you claim to protect.

    What if there is a larger agenda underpinning the Australia’s descent into tyranny.That agenda requires up to three generations of school children to be dumbed down by a subversive pseudo-science, anti maths educational curriculum. What if your generation is one of those?. The international PISA tests indicate that Australian graduates are now ranked one of the most poorly educated in basic maths, reading and science in the developed world, while China shares top ranking with Singapore.

    In closing, we express our hope that you and all the other socialist State Premiers will come to your senses and fight for the liberty that the Australian people deserve.

    Respectfully Yours,
    Drs Judy Ryan and Marjorie Curtis

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  3. Dear NT Chief Minister, Prime Minster Morrison and Treasurer Frydenberg,

    We write again to express our distrust of the Australian Federal Government and that of the Northern Territory and the other socialist States in Australia.

    1. You were openly copied into the questioning public emails that I and Dr Curtis sent out some time last week. (View comments ) https://johnplatinumgoss.com/2021/11/29/a-foreboding-aboriginal-death/

    2 This distrust is shared by others see here https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/help-us-beg-aborigines-facing-forced-jabs-this-is-a-crime-against-humanity/.Evidently when our PM publicly states that there will be no mandatory vaccine in Australia, he is fibbing, because he actually facilitated the forcing of vaccinations onto the Aboriginal people of Australia.

    3. The extreme costume of the ‘guards’ in this video https://youtu.be/mGFdWcJU7-0 is the same as that worn by the guards in other photos This verifies its validity. Therefore Senator George Christensen is absolutely correct in his summation of the conditions in the quarantine camps in Australia.

    Why should the people believe a Prime Minister who fibs?
    Why should the people believe a Treasurer, whom the evidence indicates, may have fibbed by omission when he was Minister for the Environment; therefore could be fibbing now when he denigrates Senator Christensen?



    In closing, It is time for us the people to rebel against tyranical governance and regain our freedom.

    Respectfully Yours
    Drs. Judy Ryan and Marjorie Curtis


  4. The biggest fibber of them all is our Federal Minister for Health and Ageing, Greg Hunt. He is retiring from politics at a young age and before the next election. I am hoping that he will be held accountable one day. Retired malfeasant politicians should not be forever immune from prosecution.


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