Is Tiffany Dover alive? It appears so!

One of the intentions of posts concerning Tiffany Dover was to establish whether she was alive or not. A document has surfaced in a comment which tends to show that she is still alive. It appeared on the Where is Tiffany Dover? blog in a comment on this website post.

Posted by Phil Ygoda it contains a mortgage agreement purportedly signed by her and her husband, Dustin J. Dover and authorized by a notary, Zella S. Carter.

The administrator and author of the blog-post left a message:

“For privacy reasons we’ve deleted the address but good find! We’ve received an email ending with that seems to verify she is alive however not in the best of health. We’ll post an update soon.”

This document throws a whole different light on a case that could have been closed months ago with a very simple message from Tiffany herself. Of course if she is in poor health it may not be possible for her to make a statement. And I am sorry, if that is true. Nevertheless, questions still exist.

We know that before she took the toxic Pfizer jab she was well. Indeed her Facebook account shows a very active woman. We also know that someone pretended to be Tiffany for another “vaccination” publicity stunt at CHI Memorial when Tiffany was clearly incapacitated herself. It is not out of the question that if someone chose to impersonate Tiffany Dover once, why not again, and why not in front of a Notary Public?

The clause “who are known to me” most likely means that the couple simply provided documents for proof of identity. It is unlikely to mean that they dine out together – though nothing would surprise me. Whatever the fate of Tiffany Dover there are some big players, like pharmaceutical companies, banks, CHI Hospital conglomerate, government departments and MSM that don’t want the truth known.

Not being a US citizen I was puzzled that both the death record and this mortgage agreement were registered at De Kalb county offices. At first I thought it referred to DeKalb county in Tennessee. But there are DeKalb counties in quite a few states: Georgia, Illinois, Indiana and Missouri, as well as Tennessee and Alabama. At DeKalb Alabama the mortgage is available for public scrutiny. But the death certificate is not publicly available for 25 years – if a death certificate exists. Close family members can obtain a death certificate if they pay the appropriate fee.

One thing is very clear to me: if the power of Big Pharma can get two records of Tiffany Dover’s death removed – creating a mortgage agreement is not beyond their capabilities or wallet.

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