Hope for Covid jab refuseniks

Although the government and its assets, backed by MSM, is hell-bent on getting everybody vaccinated to death, wise doctors, scientists and other professionals are advocating caution against taking these experimental jabs.

To cajole people into taking the vaccines, first they took away people’s freedoms through introducing in 2016 the Investigatory Powers Act, also known as the Snooper’s Charter. Then they took away parliamentary democracy, enabling the Three Stooges to dictate policy from behind lecterns, policy which our elected parliamentarians should be debating in the House. This was due to another act called the Coronavirus Act 2020, a piece of legislation worked on for many years – and designed to take away even more freedoms by rushing it through parliament as an emergency measure.

This nasty piece of legislation contains measures which don’t just allow government to take away your your rightful liberty. Under its powers government can take away your children, your jobs, your life. Every parliament in every country where a Rothschild-owned central bank is in control has a similar act to the UK Coronavirus Act 2020. Virtually all these acts were enacted simultaneously. What kind of a coincidence is that? In 2011 only three countries did not have a Rothschild-owned central bank: Cuba, Iran and North Korea.

The virus on which these emergency totalitarian acts were put into force only seems to affect people who live in countries which have a Rothschild-owned central bank. North Korea, for example, does not have any Covid-19 deaths. That is not to say North Korea does not restrict the freedom of its people. But it does not do it through a fake pandemic.

Most people seem not to have noticed this.

So they obediently let their governments lock them down, garb them in ridiculous masks and force them to stay unnaturally apart from one another.

Like the sheep in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, they cannot think beyond obedience to authority, whoever is in control.

Do you recognise yourself?

Free thinkers

Free thinkers, those who have seen through the nonsense, are a danger to this cabal and its agenda of total control. People who do not go to the vaccination slaughterhouse of their own accord threaten the status quo as free thinkers have always done. Progress does not depend on the reasonable person, because the reasonable person complies. It is the unreasonable person, the one who rears up outside of the corral, from whom progress comes. George Bernard Shaw said something like that.

Among today’s free thinkers is Dr Mark Trozzi. There are thousands of doctors and scientists like him who can see what is going on. They are speaking out. Unless you know where to look you can’t hear them because of who owns the governments of the world and because of who owns the mainstream media of the world. Increasingly the “unreasonable” collective voices are being heard less on social media because of who owns the majority of networking platforms.

Telegram is one exception. Of those who are part of the system, those who don’t sanction free speech, opposition leader, Sir Keir Starmer – whose basic knowledge of anatomy leads him to believe that men have a cervix as well as women – wants to see Telegram closed down. Presumably this limp cockalorum wants to shovel more of his cockamamie bullshit into the public arena without any opposition from free thinkers.

Thanks to Starmer and his hopeless cronies spreading this garbage free thinkers don’t go rushing get untested gene therapies which down the line might give men a cervix and women testicles, or more likely kill or maim them because they contain alien non-human content. What’s more free-thinkers have set up a study group whereby those with the commonsense not to take the experimental shots can become part of a clinical study – one of the largest studies ever in the world – whereby “unvaccinated” people can report on their health. Through this control group participants, and that could be you, can get a card clearly stating “Must not be vaccinated”.


Nobody has the right to “vaccinate” you against your will. Nevertheless the above control group does help enforce your inalienable right of bodily integrity. Dr. Trozzi has also put on his website a form that you can download which you complete and sign. Though not strictly necessary it does help anyone wanting further corroboration of his or her choice to stay well clear of what the mainstream media has led you to believe are vaccines when indeed they are experimental injections of unknown toxins.

Dr Shankara Chetty speaks in a joint session about the agenda, toxic jab and spike protein

Update: 14 November 2021

As well as the form that Dr. Trozzi has put on his blog there is a similar one that you can take along to your medical practice and ask a doctor to sign. As mentioned previously you do not need to do this because you have the right to point-blank refuse to be experimented upon. Some might find that it gives more authenticity – which is fine. Some people have found such documents help where permission to enter restaurants, coffee-houses, cafes and other social places have restrictions. Myself, I try to find places that don’t have restrictions, because they need support for supporting us.

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