Tiffany Dover’s killer shot – was the cost of silence a mountain-sized handout to CHI?

CHI Memorial was the hospital where nurse-supervisor, Tiffany Dover, was last seen baring her arm in a “vaccination” publicity drive on behalf of Pfizer. She fainted. Subsequently she faced the camera to say it was not the vaccine but that she had an “history” of “overactive vagal response”.

By now readers of this blog know that no confirmed sighting of Tiffany has occurred since 17 December 2020.

Death notices suddenly appeared and Tiffany’s husband, Dustin, changed his Facebook status to “single”.

For Pfizer-BioNTech, if the world got to know of Tiffany’s death from their poisonous shot, and it was already appearing on social media sites, it would have been for this global pharmaceutical giant a publicity disaster – with investors clamouring to cash in their shares.

Four days after Tiffany fainted CHI Memorial put out a second video, this time with nobody speaking, showing staff at the hospital proudly displaying notices about the nursing leadership

having been “vaccinated together” and “Nursing Leadership Support Tiffany”.

However this seemed to show another nurse (thought to be Tiffany’s friend, Amber Honea – see cover image matching the two) wearing Tiffany’s identity tag and necklace. When questions were raised concerning identities the video disappeared. Records of Tiffany Dover’s death also disappeared. Subsequently all her hospital tweets have disappeared.

All her social-networking accounts experienced no further reliable activity (and have not done so to date). So full credit to Facebook for leaving her page as it was the last time she made an entry in December 2020. This record shows a happy, loving Christian family, husband, wife and two children doing all the things families do together. In one comment Tiffany, at Eastertide, mentions briefly of her faith in the resurrection. The Facebook chronology maps more than a decade of events following her marriage to Dustin Dover.

As reports of her death could not be stopped independent fact-checkers joined the chorus singing out for joy that she was alive and well. They claimed that some unscrupulous mischief-makers had put up the death-notices. Today the fact-checkers too seem have gone eerily quiet – though their age-old reports still make it to the first page in search-engine queries.

She was one of the first to be injected in a promotion that went badly wrong. Had the world got to know that she had died or been badly injured it would have been extremely adverse publicity. Since then the Pfizer shot has killed thousands – thousands who might yet be alive if the truth had become known. Unfortunately for Tiffany, and her close family, the truth has been buried under an Everest-sized mountain of CARES dollars.

CommonSpirit Health Initiative

The chain of hospitals to which CHI Memorial, Tennessee, belongs is CommonSpirit Health Initiative, CHI for short. Its Head Office is based in Chicago. Statements for June 2021 declare:

“Through June 30, 2021, CommonSpirit has received approximately $1.5 billion under the CARES Act in the form of grants as reimbursement through the Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund for health care expenses and lost revenues attributable to COVID-19.”

You can see how profitable COVID-19 has been for CHI. Last year the group was struggling with a $524 million deficit. This has been turned into a $5,974 million surplus. That is a massive turnaround of 16.7%. And there is more free dosh to come. The golden cow of CARES, and all the other golden cows in the herd, will keep on giving – just so long as CHI never mentions the death of Tiffany Dover and keeps quiet about other things. As with all grants the CARES handout does not come without conditions.

“These funds are not required to be repaid upon attestation and compliance with certain terms and conditions.”

It does not say what the terms and conditions are. These almost certainly include to “help address vaccine hesitancy” because that is mentioned in the accounts. Tiffany’s hospital in the chain, CHI Memorial, announced “that all workers must be fully vaccinated by Nov. 1 in order to keep their jobs.”

There are likely clauses, written or unwritten, which prohibit CHI from mentioning adverse vaccination events and deaths. There must be no mention of the death of Tiffany Dover because that would be bad for Big Pharma’s profits and its control over government mandates.

The accounts say almost nothing about deaths, and absolutely nothing about increases in patient intake due to “vaccination” – “vaccination” which gives most people a variant of COVID-19. Instead it couches this huge increase in vaccination anomalies in terms of “cases”. Instead eight times the number of hospital admissions since summer are blamed on the “highly contagious Delta variant”. Beware, this is before the flu season has even started at a time of year when it would not be normally expected.

While conditions have improved since the peak surge experienced earlier this year when cases reached over 4,100 in early January, [coinciding with the first phase of vaccinations] the national outlook worsened quickly during July to August 2021 [coinciding with the second phase of vaccinations], with more than a fivefold increase in new cases per day during that period. Hospitalizations and deaths also increased, but at far lower rates than cases. The highly contagious Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus caused the spike in cases. At CommonSpirit, the COVID-19 inpatient census peak in early September was almost 2,900 patients [coinciding with the boosters], which was over an eight-fold increase since reaching a low point in the summer of 2021.

Emboldened text not in the original

In 45 pages these are the only mentions of “hospitalization” and “death”. Well why would a hospital group be interested in hospitalizations and deaths when it can talk about “cases” and “pandemic” and financial gain? The CHI accounts go on about “cases” at length. They go on about the fake “pandemic”. They go on about “COVID-19”. What they don’t go on about is injuries and deaths from lethal injections. One of CARES’ terms and conditions, emanating from the CDC, and at the highest level, the President, is a mandate that all CHI staff are “vaccinated”.

Yet, as most people know by now, “cases” are not cases in a medical sense but simply people – mostly asymptomatic people – who have tested positive in a PCR test. It has been public knowledge, long before CHI accounts were signed off, that the PCR test, on which all these “cases” causing alarm are based, will be stopped on 31 December 2021. You might want to ask why. Are they expecting countless more deaths from what they call vaccines? Would these expected deaths be ascribed to a “variant”? Are the “vaccines” giving people the latest variant?

Like all care facilities, CHI is just another where profit is the motivating factor. They should change the name from CommonSpirit Health Initiative to CommonSpirit Holdings Initiative, This would more clearly identify the motivation behind the enterprise. In my article J’accuse I wrote:

Money in the United States of America, and elsewhere, has seduced the medical profession into unethical malpractice. Gross quantitative easing (money-printing) is funding hospitals through the CARES system. It has made vast sums of money available to large hospital groups like CHI (CommonSpirit Health Initiative) which has a total net patient revenue of $30,248,548,684, the second largest next to HCA Healthcare (FKA Hospital Corporation of America) with $44,921,737,146.

Tiffany’s hospital is one of three large hospitals in Chattanooga. All three are complying with coerced vaccination of staff. This has caused the resignation of good medical professionals, nurses and nursing staff. The three hospitals are CHI Memorial, Parkridge Health System, part of HCA, and Erlanger, a public hospital – the largest in the city.

According to CHI’s own video the $1.5 billion already received is soon to be supplemented by an expected 1% of a CARES Act grant totalling $17 billion and other lucrative pots into which they are dipping their already blood-drenched hands.

CHI Memorial’s spokesperson, Karen Long, who gave me the briefest of answers as to Tiffany Dover’s whereabouts, and would not respond to a subsequent request, told AP News that 83% of medical and religious exemptions had been approved. At the end of October she told Elizabeth Fite that “98% of employees had responded to the health system’s vaccination status survey used to monitor compliance.” She also said:

“We received many questions related to pregnancy and breastfeeding and were able to record a video with a local OB/GYN who answered the questions we received from employees. The videos were posted on our intranet so employees could watch on demand,”

On certain topics Karen Long is prepared to speak – but not about Tiffany Dover. Since it appears that CHI has covered up her murder, thus depriving a happy Christian family of a mother and wife, it should be asked how many more murders has this money-grabbing enterprise committed in its drive to be the number one CARES honey-pot thief. At the start of the nonsense which it calls a “pandemic” many people died through the administration of bad medical practice including life-ending drugs, ventilators and DNR notices. It seems CHI followed the dictates, known euphemistically as “recommendations”.

Recommendations from the National Critical Care Council, for example, on how to treat the COVID-19 virus by using a combination of materials from the leading professional societies (such as the Society of Critical Care Medicine), as well as recommendations from the Centers of Disease Controls and Prevention (“CDC”) and National Institutes of Health, helped to create a model for decision making around the purchase of needed equipment (e.g. ventilators and oxygenating hoods).

They say elsewhere in the accounts that with the “latest surge” in “cases” they “anticipate that ventilator availability is not an obstacle.” Does that mean the government is planning more murders? Whatever their plans, and whatever compliance CHI gives to them, they are not going to bring Tiffany Dover, the nurse who had faith in them and the Pfizer shot that killed her, back.

Interested parties living in Tennessee might request a death certificate from De Kalb county – where Tiffany, according to Search Quarry, died. This of course raises other questions. For example, did she die at Memorial, before being transported to De Kalb to take the spotlight off the hospital where she was injected with the Pfizer death-shot?

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