J’accuse – stop the infanticide now

State murder of babies and the unborn went on in Germany less than 100 years ago together with sterilisation . Few dared to speak out. Nurses actually left babies out on a cold verandah to die of starvation and hypothermia. That’s right – nurses. Doctors determined which babies should die. That’s right – doctors.

Their caring natures had been corrupted and they had not even noticed it. Then came the adults, who like the children, were experimented upon in the most diabolical manner. At their trials (42 mins, 27 seconds) excuses were given by some nurses:

“I thought I was relieving people from their suffering.”

“These people had no life at all.”

“I needed to keep my job.”

A parallel under the fake pandemic

It is not long ago. And it goes on today. Few dare to speak out about it. At the moment the last excuse is the most prevalent excuse.

“I need to keep my job.”

Medical professionals are putting money, and personal need to earn a living, above their allegiance to “do no harm”. Like doctors and nurses during the Third Reich they are under the impression that what they are doing is right. They have become mesmerized by the Covid-19 fake narrative.

Money in the United States of America, and elsewhere, has seduced the medical profession into unethical malpractice. Gross quantitative easing (money-printing) is funding hospitals through the CARES system. It has made vast sums of money available to large hospital groups like CHI (CommonSpirit Health Initiative) which has a total net patient revenue of $30,248,548,684, the second largest next to HCA Healthcare (FKA Hospital Corporation of America) with $44,921,737,146.

Teaching hospitals are just as bad – if not worse. Teaching hospitals instil in the minds of future medical professionals the flat-earth gobbledygook that is murdering so many in what could turn out to be the largest mass-genocide and infanticide in the history of humankind.

Let us be clear. There will be trials. Taking the stand will be Dr. Ilona Goldfarb of the Mass General Teaching Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. “I needed to keep my job” will not be a safe defence.

Dr. Ilona Goldfarb

Listen to the lies which leave her lips.

“We know that pregnant women are at increased risk of severe illness from Covid-19, including pneumonia, hospitalization and even death.”

What does she mean by “increased risk of severe illness”? Increased risk compared with what? Compared with those who don’t get Covid-19? You can suppose that’s true. Or does she mean increased risk compared with non-pregnant women who get Covid-19? This is pure sales talk. What study has been done to show that she is right, whatever she means?

She goes on:

“We know at the same time that the available Covid-19 vaccines are very safe and effective, particularly at preventing severe Covid-19 illness. . . getting the vaccines during pregnancy would be a great way to protect yourself and your pregnancy.”

This is a lie and she knows it. Indeed, later she admits that pregnant women were not included in the vaccine tests. So there can be no excuse.

“So far the CDC is reporting good news. There are no safety concerns in pregnancy, including no increased risk of miscarriage, which I know many are concerned about.”

No increased risk of miscarriage!

“Your decision to be vaccinated during pregnancy is a personal one. . .” And mothers-to-be need to take into account “the risk of the virus, the benefits of the vaccine. . .”

Not much bias in that “risk” and “benefits” statement, is there? It is as clear as “four legs good, two legs bad” until you transpose it to re-indoctrinate the sheep. There is a risk from all viruses. There is no confirmation that the vaccines have any benefits. There is a lot of information coming through that the vaccines are downright dangerous. And this is not new information.

Vaccine Impact News has done good work on reporting the deaths of babies while MSM has stayed silent. There have been 2,198 foetal, stillborn or newborn heart arrest following vaccination of pregnant women. Dr. Goldfarb can be proud of what her promotional video has achieved. She can be proud that her lies got through. But there will be a day of reckoning for this genocide and infanticide.

Here you can watch Dr Renuga Vivekenandan, an infectious diseases expert from the Catholic hospital chain, CHI, repeating the same CDC information as Dr Ilona Golfarb. It is just like they are reading from a script. The message is the same: the vaccines are safe for pregnant women, the benefits outweigh the risks.

Dr Renuga Vivekenandan from a video where she demonstrated the “benefits” of masks

Be warned Drs Vivekenandan and Goldfarb, the CDC will not be able to save you when the trials start. Its executives will be on the stand too. You need to be sure that what you are saying is right. You need to do your own research.

Whatever the cost to myself, I refuse to keep my mouth shut, or my keyboard silent. I will continue to name those who have lost all moral compass. I hope others will do the same.

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