Hardly anyone spoke out

The fallacy that 6 million Jews were the only victims of Nazi Germany might have something to do with who owns the media, and who our elected representatives really serve. As well as the 6 million Jews there were nearly as many non-Jews murdered and experimented upon in concentration camps. Ina R Friedman has spent many years researching into the forgotten victims.

No article on the non-Jewish victims would be complete without mentioning the first opponents of the Nazis: Germans who happened to be Communists or Social Democrats, judges and lawyers, or editors and journalists who had opposed the Nazis. They were the first to be arrested.

Why talk now about something that happened more than 80 years ago when Hitler tried to create an Aryan race to control the planet?

Because it is going on today – and likely to continue for some years to come. Unless it is stopped. That is why you need to stop watching television and stop listening to radio. It is propaganda.

Human experiments today

You may be unaware that the University of Pittsburgh is conducting experiments to grow human tissue on the backs of rats and mice. There are probably many more universities worldwide doing similar experiments.

These organ grafts are groundwork for the not too distant future when a large number of people will be bred simply as organ-donors for the benefit of those who are funding this dystopian society few seem to want to oppose. Such people will be the donor slaves farmed specifically for that purpose.

Other slaves will have different, but also servile, functions. They won’t have a life! Klaus Schwab says you will own nothing, and be happy. You will not be able to leave your habitat and food will be delivered by drone – providing you do as you’re told. Now do you understand what the lockdowns were preparing you for? Battery hens spring to mind.

Prisoners of conscience

What many might not realise is that the imprisonments, removal of professionals from their jobs, removal of academic and scientific debate, and introduction of experiments on humans (vaccines for example) without informed consent are going on like never before to push the worldwide agenda of a global slave system run by those who already own the media. These are the same people who own most governments of the world. And as with Nazi Germany this control goes on under the public gaze, it goes on with society’s tacit approval.

Julian Assange has been in prison, in one way or another, for a quarter of his life. The US wants him to serve further time in one of its high-security prisons – and for what? For telling the truth.

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Likewise, Craig Murray, imprisoned in Edinburgh for defending Alex Salmond over trumped-up charges, because a corrupt court claimed those who made the false allegations against Salmond could be identified in a new term of legalese called ‘jigsaw identification’. I sure wish I knew who they were. I would identify them. Craig Murray is a man of integrity, like Julian Assange. Even when I don’t agree with him I respect his opinion as being honest and based in human concern.

Murray, a staunch defender of Assange, was UK ambassador to Uzbekistan during the Karimov regime. Like the Wikileaks whistleblower he has long been an opponent of torture. During his time as ambassador a citizen of Uzbekistan came to him with unpleasant photographs of her son who had been horrifically tortured and boiled to death. Murray, rather than go for an easy life and keep quiet, brought the case before his masters in Whitehall. Instead of supporting his opposition to torture they supported Karimov and subsequently forced Murray to resign.

Last month Craig Murray’s wife, Nadira, summed up the state-crime against her husband in a single sentence:

How scared of ideas do you have to be before you start imprisoning writers?


For those of us who can see the bigger picture the writing’s on the wall. It does not bring an end to crimes against humanity if you let them happen under your nose, without speaking out. The serious nature of using a fake pandemic to push through totalitarian world governance is the thin end of the wedge towards the slave society the likes of Bill Gates, George Soros and Klaus Schwab espouse.

Hardly anyone spoke out during the Third Reich. Those who did were imprisoned or worse. It got to a stage where good people dare not speak out for fear and everyone followed the Nazi mantras; everyone gave the Nazi salute. Please don’t let it get to that stage today.

The time to speak out is now!

The featured cartoon shows Teresa May (we think) as US poodle handing Assange over to Trump. Source: https://e-news.su/mnenie-i-analitika/273299-kto-i-kak-podlovil-dzhuliana-assanzha-colonel-cassad.html

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