It’s getting worse – get out quick

Some of the main internet platforms have devised ways of trying to get your personal information for when they initiate your imprisonment in FEMA and other high-security prisons being purposely-built – the very places they should be in themselves.

In my previous blog I showed how LinkedIn was trying to get access to private information like your driving licence, passport or ID.

Well, Google (YouTube) is doing it too. Today I got a video from Australia called “How Safe are the Children?” They are not simply taking them down any more but trying to get information on the type of people who might be watching educational videos of this kind.

I was not allowed to watch the video without passing on to Google sensitive information of the type LinkedIn tried to get its hands on when they took down my profile. Whatever you do – don’t give them this information. Move to other platforms while you still can – Telegram is good.

If you are going to watch undoubtedly informative videos – which I’m sure that one is – those producing them need to use hosting-sites like Banned! Or Bitchute. It’s the only way forward.

It is wise also to have several email addresses – best not linked to one another. And get yourselves onto other social-networking platforms like the Russian VK. By all means send me a friend request.

This global takeover is moving fast and they are panicking! Keep calm!

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