LinkedIn – pushing the fascist agenda

There is no evading the truth. The title says it all.

It started a long time ago and gradually got worse. On 15 September 2021 I discovered that a post had been removed by LinkedIn – a global site which attempts to put professionals in touch with one another in the jobs marketplace.

While it does this to some extent what it also does, or at least one of its functions, is to collect information freely given and store it against a person’s name in order to monitor that person. The All the Goss post taken down truthfully reported on the issue of notices of liability against the EMA and MEPs.

As there was a complaint box for anyone believing a post to have been removed in error I used it to send LinkedIn a message. No, it was not rude.

What I sent read:

Having read your community standards I can see no reason why my blog post “EMA and MEPs put on notice for crimes against humanity” was removed. It is fair reporting of what action has been taken by Doctors for Covid Ethics (D4CE) against the European Medicines Agency and all Members of the European Parliament. This is not the first notice of liability served on MEPs by Doctors for Covid Ethics and the EMA’s own reported death tally of “vaccinated” people in the EEC stands at 24,526 as of 11 September 2021 yet it continues to authorise the toxins. Please say specifically where you think my piece is inaccurate. Thank you.

Not only did LinkedIn not have the common courtesy to respond but yesterday I discovered that my whole account had been restricted. Wait for it!

To get my account back I would need, it said, to produce photographs of my passport, driving licence or Identity Card (both sides) so they could “verify your government-issued ID. . .” Hang on a minute. When I took out a LinkedIn account I was never asked for any of these documents. So what can they check it against?

My government, hopefully, would not pass on sensitive data to a glorified employment agency.

I could only go so far in complying with this gross intrusion into personal liberties and took a screen-capture of the Identity Card information-gathering device.

Anybody believing an outfit that removes posts without plausible explanation will have any scruples about storing your passport, identity-card or driving licence is out of touch with the world Covid-19 has moved us into. And, of course, you can upload a cell-phone picture and give them even more of your personal details if you like.

For that reason – I’m out – of LinkedIn.

3 thoughts on “LinkedIn – pushing the fascist agenda

  1. Good for you John. Linkedin is dreadful. I left six months ago when I read a thread by some other people in my field i know but don’t work with – “Chris Whitty deserves a Knighthood” was their notion. I replied that he deserved something else. I don’t miss it.


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