Countries under the Covid cosh (4)

Lithuania – a new government, a manufactured crisis

In 1980, when Russia was hosting the Moscow Olympics, I took my daughter and a close friend on a package tour of Moscow, Leningrad and Tallinn. Internal flights meant we got to see Vilnius in Lithuania, and I recall thinking how different it was to how it was portrayed, with beer-cellars, progressive shops and a strong German influence. No doubt we were being shown the most positive face of the Soviet Union.

What we saw of Lithuania and Estonia through the coach windows, outside the cities, was little more than vast tracts of forest-land and open countryside with occasional mansions, which the guide said were high-ranking and Politburo family dachas (holiday homes). It demonstrated, if demonstration was necessary, that no political system is devoid of its privileged class – individuals who enjoy more ostentatious lifestyles than the hoi polloi.

Lifestyles today in Lithuania come largely in three tiers: the elite, the controlled and the free. Unlike former class tiers they do not span traditional divides.

There is a fourth tier, the ultra-elite, very small in number, who operate on a global scale and dictate by means of IMF and World Bank coffers what the media broadcast, what governments are allowed to do and say, the modus operandi of all authorities and all public utilities. Their agents, from the elite down, ensure that there is a unified global response to all activities. In other words this coterie controls the agenda. As the ultra-elite sit outside of Lithuania itself, and as hardly anybody gets to meet these manipulators and puppeteers who rank themselves above the law, their nasty work has to be done by others.

The elite

The elite, dacha-owning parasites are still there, like ex-prime minister, Andrius Kubilius, and politician turned TV celebrity, Arunas Valinskas, both of whom have wished death on people choosing not to get “vaccinated”.

While poor people are always with us so are the vampires who feed on them. These are the ones pushing the agenda – and they should be on trial for killing and maiming people, having taken bribes to enforce the World Bank-funded vaccination purge of the human race. Such contemptible beings are in control of the controlled.

The controlled

The controlled group, a happy-go-lucky, live-now-pay-later majority, comprises those who have unwittingly fallen for the elite’s propaganda. Brainwashed by government and media they have bared their arms to take the loaded shots and some, just like Coriolanus, can already show their battle-scars to the crowds. For being good citizens they have received a pass, called an Opportunity Pass. Ironically, this allows them to do the things they used to do without a pass. The Opportunity Pass is a means of keeping tabs on those who carry it.

Those belonging to the controlled tier may not remember Soviet days, when a пропуск (propusk) or permit, was required to go into all official buildings. Younger generations had better get used to this old way of life. Because today it is a whole lot worse than then. The data collected now puts on file everything about everyone. Step out of line and it won’t just be a штраф (shtraf), a fine enforced upon you, but the whole income and household budget of Lithuanians is potentially in jeopardy.

Welcome to the Orwellian and Kafkaesque 21st century. You think not? Read on.

The free

To demonstrate how serious government stooges are at total control of everyone and everything you only need to look at the way the free are being treated. The free are the biggest danger to the elite, and ultra-elite’s, plans for a system of complete subordination. Free people are a stumbling-block which can bring down this totalitarian control. The Lithuanian government, in true Soviet style, is trying everything conceivable, carrot and stick, to bring to order those choosing freedom.

The carrot

A bribe was offered early in the injection rollout which purportedly took the form of compensation should there be adverse reactions. Compensation, if any but a chosen few get it, only applies to people who voluntarily roll up their sleeves for the life-threatening jab. So, if choice is removed, and the injections become mandatory there will be no compensation for those forced to take a shot if they subsequently suffer collateral damage. What emerges also from a CMS ‘question and answer’ sheet shows that the likelihood of compensation is slim to non-existent whether voluntarily or compulsorily jabbed.

Anyone suffering from “vaccine” damage or death must prove:

(i) the occurrence of damage,
(ii) existence of defects in the product,
(iii) the causal link between the defects and the damages.

Furthermore “claims for damages caused by the vaccine can only involve the liability of the manufacturer.” As we all know the vaccine manufacturers have exempted themselves from liability.

“It is also worth mentioning that Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania establishes cases when the manufacturers could be exempted from the liability, for example, in cases when manufacturers prove that at the time of putting the product into circulation, the level of scientific and technical knowledge was not sufficient to identify the defect of quality.”

So legally, and perhaps even physically, the claimant hasn’t a leg to stand on. That carrot does not even exist.

Offering the carrot to the elderly

Wiser, older people – those who remember Soviet days – are not happy to see the return of initiatives to take away their liberties. They have seen it all before. After all, they were the ones who fought to gain this freedom in the first place.

On 12 October 2021 the Lithuanian Seimas, the legislative body of parliament, rubber-stamped a government plot to cajole the elderly into getting their toxic shots. Not surprisingly the uptake among seniors for this experiment has been low. The scheme – which is unlikely to bear much fruit – was put together whereby those of 75 and over, who have up to now avoided the life-changing jab, will receive 100 euros if they get all their shots (presume 3) by 1 December. Only pressure from impecunious family members is likely to sway life-educated seniors who are aware of the history of their country.

Part of the carrot approach is the presentation of a plethora of lies about just how good the vaccines are. To promote the lie Lithuania’s statistics office issued a statement about the Pfizer vaccine without a scintilla of documentary evidence. This statement flies in the face of what is known about the Pfizer vaccine.

Fully vaccinated people have about five times less risk of infection; this is a highly effective vaccine


A spokesman called it “an excellent result”.

Such claims, coming from an office allegedly responsible for statistics are dishonest and even ludicrous. The Statistics Office should be called out on this failed attempt to spin the truth. Demands should be made to see the evidence.

This is the same Statistics Office which in mid-September tried to spin the following:

“Lithuania registered 1,300 new coronavirus infections and eight deaths from Covid-19 over Wednesday, September 15, the country’s statistics office said on Thursday morning.

Notably, three out of the eight fatalities were persons either not vaccinated or only partially vaccinated.”


Wonderful! You only need a handful of brain-cells to do the arithmetic on that one. Indeed, it looks like all of these people were killed by the “vaccines”. Five after the second dose, three after the first. All countries, because of the increasing death-toll, have been instructed by Big Pharma and its backers to call any death where the toxic shots have caused the death within fourteen days of a shot: “unvaccinated”.

When this crisis is over Lithuanians should never let it be forgotten their government tried to bribe old people with 100 euros that they may not have lived long enough to receive. They might as well have offered a bribe to take a cyanide capsule to have their deaths recorded as “unvaccinated”.

More follows on what has really happened statistically after The stick approach to getting the populace injected. And it is damning.

The stick

Individuals and families who choose to be free of the toxic jabs are made to suffer in countless ways. Restrictions are placed on them whereby they cannot participate in everyday life in a meaningful way. Many of these were outlined by a moving report smuggled out of Lithuania by Gluboco Lietuva, whose Twitter thread on the subject was removed. Gluboco is not anti-vaccine. Here are just some of the restrictions placed on those refusing the gene therapies.

  • Not allowed in restaurants, cafes or bars
  • Not allowed in hypermarkets and larger supermarkets
  • Not allowed in non-essential shops
  • Not allowed to visit people in hospital (except for terminally ill and children)
  • Not allowed in polyclinics
  • Not allowed to get a haircut
  • Not allowed in banks (with a few exceptions)
  • Not allowed to go to the gym
  • Not allowed to go to the library
  • Not allowed to sit in lectures
  • Not allowed on inter-city transport

More on Lithuanian Covid-19 statistics

You cannot have a vaccination programme without something to vaccinate against and unlike most countries Lithuania had experienced very few deaths ascribed to Covid-19 until October 2020 when death-rate figures started to rise. In short it was getting on with life. The exact date on which certain factions of government took the bribe is unknown but it looks to be about the end of September beginning of October.

Source: Our World in Data

The “vaccination” programme began on 27 December by which time a figure of 1,613 deaths had been labelled Covid-19 deaths – regardless of what had been the real cause of death. To put it into perspective it means that 99.94% of the population had not died from Covid-19 – even if official figures were to be believed.

Source: Our World in Data

Following “vaccination”, deaths have increased to 5,282. Injections have unknown contents and many people think they are giving people a variant of Covid-19. How else could it account for a whopping 227% increase in deaths? Yet, according to the Lithuanian office of statistics, those taking the “vaccine” have five times less risk of infection. Please!

How the media is managing to sell such nonsense is unbelievable. Stop the toxic shots and you stop the pandemic. It is as simple as that. The shots are giving recipients something much worse than Covid-19. It has only recently become apparent that there are foreign substances in the phials not listed on the manufacturers’ ingredients list. All sources of information – other than from the real media – withhold this information.

Lithuanians buying into the nonsense need to start asking why the truth is being withheld? Because they are not getting bribes from the World Bank. They’re getting the toxic shots. That is criminal. And now there really is a serious crisis in hospitals which did not exist before the conservatives became the strongest party.

Lithuania – regime change

Those who engineer regime change, whether through the gun or ballot box, are working in the background long before it becomes evident to the general public. Lithuania, like its neighbour Belarus, had experienced no “pandemic” of any note. Lithuania is more pluralist in its parliamentary structure than most western states. Regime change was engineered and the majority, by the smallest of margins, took over backed by George Soros money which was funding the media campaigns of Andrius Tapinas, the head of Laisvės TV.

Before the change of parliamentary structure suddenly, from nowhere, deaths began to appear. What could have happened was that some inducement took place to make testing centres increase the number of cycles in their PCR tests so that more people appeared to have died having tested positive for Covid-19.

While testing-centres were pushing up the death-rate an election was taking place and the media played its role in blaming the increase in deaths on the Lithuanian Farmers and Greens Union (LVŽS), which was the largest party. With a new, obviously compliant, parliament installed the vaccine manufacturers moved in and the same garbage fell out of the mouths of government, government organisations, media, health authorities, education authorities and local authorities, all who voiced worries and promoted mandates to combat the non-existent pandemic in a cacophony of simultaneous death-chants. Fear was instilled in the public psyche that Covid-19 had arrived in Lithuania. If its people did not get “vaccinated” against it, they would all die.

One of the good things that Belarus, which borders Lithuania, did, was to divulge details of an attempted bribe of its president, Aleksandr Lukashenko, from the World Bank. Other leaders have said the same bribes were offered them so it is known that all the countries promoting the fake pandemic were corrupt enough to take the bribe. Is your country one of them?

Last year Lukashenko was re-elected despite attempts at regime-change. His opponent fled to Lithuania.

Source: Our world in data

Take a look at the comparative deaths from Covid-19 of Lithuania and Belarus as of 15 October 2021.

On the face of it there does not seem to be much difference between the two countries, other than the regular shape of the Belarus line, and Lithuania appears to have a better earlier record. Graphs can be misleading and this shows actual deaths, not per capita deaths. It is also claimed that earlier Lithuania was not recording all of its so-called Covid-19 deaths.

Belarus has nearly 3.5 times the population of Lithuania. What that means is that 1 in every 2,195 people has been recorded as having died from Covid-19 in Belarus. Whereas in Lithuania it is 1 in every 528 people. And following the vaccination programme which is giving people Covid-19 Lithuania really does have a crisis. Last week hospitals recorded 507 Covid patients including 10 children, and 48 ICU patients.

As explained in my last article in this series, if PCR testing for Covid-19 had never taken place, there would be no pandemic and the people who died would have had their cause-of-death recorded as something more in line with what actually killed them. Now the “vaccines” have arrived on the scene everyone taking them is liable to be diagnosed with Covid-19 – but what they’ve really got is a dose of poison called a vaccine.

As Belarus borders Lithuania it may be a safe haven to flee for Lithuanians who choose to avoid the jabs. As things stand there is still a choice in Belarus – even though sanctions are being applied to bring the country into line.

In Lithuania there is a substantial number of people still resisting, as well-attended protests show.


Relocating might need to be done soon because Lithuania is planning a barbed wire fence across its border with Belarus. The government argument is to prevent more immigrants from Belarus entering the country. It is true that last year people fled to Lithuania from Belarus but that was after the failed regime change via the ballot-box, and they fled for political reasons.

Those fearful of the jab and living in Belarus now are unlikely to go to Lithuania knowing there is four times the chance of being killed by Covid-19 vaccines. The exodus is much more likely to be from Lithuania to Belarus.

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