Australia – vaccinated filling intensive care

Victoria’s Labor Minister for health, ambulances and equality, Mark Foley, gave an update (7 October 2021) on those in hospital and in intensive care. It is totally damning on “vaccination” and the figures speak for themselves.

You do not need to be a mathematician to add the “17% partially vaccinated” to the “78% vaccinated” to realize a whopping 95% of people in hospital are those damaged by the gene therapies. Wake up!

Foley said:

We also have 375 people with Covid in the hospital at the moment. 81 of those are in intensive care, and 61 are on a ventilator. Of the people who were in hospital yesterday 78% were vaccinated and 17% were partially vaccinated.

This is in the state of Victoria, which has been singled out for the harshest treatment from police and authorities, against its citizens. Here is Mr. Foley himself delivering the figures.

7 thoughts on “Australia – vaccinated filling intensive care

  1. Wrong. he got his fact mixed.

    Moderator’s note:

    A link was provided by Bev Courtney which suggests that what Mr Foley said was wrong.
    As this was put together by a so-called independent fact-checker AAP its funding sources were examined.

    “AAP FactCheck is funded by a targeted allocation from AAP’s general newsroom budget and income earned through a Third Party Fact Checker partnership agreement with Facebook. Under this partnership agreement, AAP FactCheck maintains full editorial independence in selection of matter for review and in fact-checking conclusions. Seed funding for AAP FactCheck was originally contributed by Google News Initiative, and GNI has since offered funding towards costs associated with two short-term, election-specific factchecking projects.”

    It has therefore been removed because it is funded by those pushing the agenda.

    If others disagree with this moderation it will be reconsidered.


  2. I don’t quite understand what has been removed. Are you saying that AAP is wrong and that what Mr Foley said was actually true? All he did was read out the numbers the wrong way round. It was later corrected.


    1. I’m interested in facts – but not fact-checkers. I’ve read so many of their articles in the past and found them wanting. What Mr Foley said, he said. For his office, paid by those benefiting from the nonsense, trying to change the story because it discredits the narrative is not something I want on this blog.


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