Countries under the Covid cosh (2)

Poland and Australia – two sides of the same coin

As with everywhere else there are mixed feelings about how the erosion of human rights has affected communities. Here I take a look at how orphanages have allowed Pfizer to experiment on its babies; and at four MPs fighting to protect human rights.

What is happening in Poland’s orphanages?

It is known that children do not suffer from Covid-19. This toxicology report asks “Why are we vaccinating children against Covid-19?” Someone sticks a needle in you full of heroin and you die, that person is culpable of murder. The same should apply to the modern life-changing experimental recipes going falsely under the name of “vaccines”.

Most people know that ex-vice-president of Pfizer, Mike Yeadon, though not opposed to vaccination, has disassociated himself from his former company and gone public on the crimes Big Pharma are committing with these experimental jabs. You might think he is alone. Not so. Even those currently working at Pfizer, who have signed non-disclosure agreements (NGAs) with their company have been caught out saying the same thing in an undercover scoop.

They freely admit that your body’s immune system is more effective than any vaccine. I urge you to watch this video. You will find that all this is about money, that Pfizer is well aware of what is really going on – something which will be very important when the trials start.

That then is the background with plenty of clear evidence that “vaccines” are much more deadly than the virus and combating the virus is better if it is left to the defence mechanism of the body’s own immune system. So I ask again. Why is Poland pumping toxins into helpless orphans?

While this article and letter is mainly concerned about Poland’s orphaned children being vaccinated, without the knowledge of Polish public, experiments of this nature are also taking part in Finland, Spain and the USA. Children’s Health Defense Europe has challenged the legitimacy of allowing Pfizer to single out orphanages for their experiments. A letter of invitation to participate in a conference at the Polish parliament last Saturday was made public. It said:

8 Centers in Poland are known to be conducting the above testing however, these are small private clinics and private clinical research centers who do not seem to be equipped to run such studies.

Not everyone in Poland is condoning these experiments. Far from it. And most are unaware it’s going on.

Polish MPs vent their anger at what is happening in Australia

In this video outside the Australian Embassy in Warsaw four Polish MPs made individual statements about how oppressive it is in Australia and how they do not want the same thing to happen in Poland. These doughty politicians were urging people to participate in the same parliamentary protest last Saturday as Children’s Health Defense Europe. Both groups have valid human rights issues with the MPs protesting to ensure Poland does not go the way of Australia.

Jacob Kulesza talked of the punitive fines imposed on Australian citizens for not abiding by the iron laws recently imposed, despite Australia having a proportionately low rate of Covid-19 cases and alleged deaths. Breaking the 10 p.m. curfew could cost an Aussie $1,682, visiting family or friends $200, and $200 for travelling three miles. Travelling five miles would allow police to enter your home without a search warrant. He talked of police brutality depicted on videos being something he did not wish to see in Poland and why they were having a march for freedom day and how it was absurd not to protest against freedoms being withdrawn. Australia, he said, had left the civilized community after contracting “Covid madness”.

Michal nie Zduniski also spoke of the absurd penalties, pure totalitarianism, and stark images of people lying in blood after being battered by the Australian police. He could see how a two-tier society of vaccinated against unvaccinated was being formed with the propaganda pointing to the vaccinated being considered better, and the unvaccinated worse, members of society, with ensuing privileges for the “better” and punishments for the “worse”.

Witold Tumanovicz called on support for the March of Freedom Day, fearing that the Poland would become as bad as Australia if the restrictions were not lifted. He condemned what was happening and called for a return to normality and a community of civilized states and nations. He facetiously said he would like to ask Scott Morrison if he had advice for other countries in a “sticky situation” hoping that Poland would not be replicating what had happened in Australia. He made no bones about what was happening in Australia being illegal and invited people to gather under Zygmunt’s column.

The fourth MP added that they did not wish to see Warsaw turned into a “total state of murder” and go the way Melbourne was going. He did not relish the idea of having a “green card” to pay a visit to the forest. Polish people living in Australia with dual citizenship could not get permission to travel out of the country.

It would be encouraging to see four UK members of parliament stand up and collectively oppose the Covid nonsense like these brave MPs in Poland have done. But unlike Poland it has been a long time since the UK fell under the yoke of a foreign power.

Sadly, for all their efforts, the Polish parliament voted on 2 October to continue with lockdowns and other unpleasant restrictions imposed on the lives of its citizens.

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  1. Astonishingly heart-less events worldwide John. We must not let these insane psychopaths get away with it. Not much hope of a concerted opposition from our mindless MPs judging by the reaction of the Tory conference juveniles to Boris’s unbelievably comedic PM speech! Thank you for sharing this crucial information.


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