Countries under the Covid cosh (1)

Australia and Canada

As well as the “vaccine” experiment it is apparent that certain countries are being targeted more harshly than the rest in yet another sinister experiment. In the elite’s attempt at global control carefully-selected countries have been restricted and persecuted to see just how much they can take. There is sociopathic method in this madness.

Which countries in particular are being targeted?

Size appears not to be a factor. But population does. Sparsely-populated countries in comparison to their geographical size are easy meat in this experiment. Under the cosh are countries where population can be more readily contained in this new age of travel restrictions. They include: Australia, Canada, Lithuania, and surprisingly you may well think, the Isle of Man.

Deaths from the fake pandemic do not appear to be a factor in selection of countries for this harsh experiment because most of them have less deaths per capita than many other countries – if the figures can ever be believed. The one feature in common seems to be that if the population was ever likely – God-willing – to rise up against the Covid-narrative, resources could be brought in from elsewhere. To illustrate this point, it is believed that private armies, trained in Israel, have already been sent to Australia to help suppress the people who have had enough of the invasive nonsense and have taken it upon themselves to do God’s will.

What makes Canadian and Australian deaths different from the UK and US?

Here are comparative adverse reactions and deaths. It is noteworthy that towards the end of August Canada had dosed more than half the number of that of the UK. Fatalities would therefore be expected to be slightly more than half when in fact they are nearer a ninth. This is suggestive that they are using attenuated vaccines in Canada, or more placebos.

The purpose of diluting the dose coupled with a tougher determination to get the whole populace vaccinated could be a means to showcase Canada as being “fully-vaccinated” against those getting the more toxic jab in the UK, US and Australia – where perhaps more resistance is expected. But as the figures appear to be all over the place any number of interpretations can be imagined.

Why might specific countries be chosen with easy containment features?

The careful planning of this attempt at world domination by a certain over-privileged, devil-worshipping elite has singled out countries with sparse populations it is suspected because they know if their eugenicist “vaccine” plan works the whole world will be sparsely-populated. The selected countries are – like the “vaccines” themselves – an information-gathering experiment. If the experiment works in these countries the terror and the tyranny, will become pandemic.

It is not known yet how much restrictive torture individuals are willing to endure before the majority rebel. Quite a lot it would appear. It is not known yet how many vaccine deaths individuals are prepared to tolerate before the majority start questioning what is going on. Quite a lot it would appear. Up to now populations have been taking it on the chin because, it can only be assumed, they have a masochistic streak.


Victoria and Queensland

This desert in an oceanic oasis is not easy to get to if those in control want to restrict access to travellers from abroad while retaining their ability to fly private armies, funded by the controllers, into the country. It is known that Victoria is getting much harsher treatment than other Australian states, and police from other states (New South Wales, South Australia or even Tasmania) could easily be called upon if containment of the mass demonstrators in Melbourne was otherwise uncontrollable.

How can a legitimate police officer be distinguished from a private police officer?

This is impossible. In a draconian move indicative of police-states throughout history, officers in Queensland no longer wear anything that can identify them. If this knowledge does not wake up the sleeping masses – nothing will. It gives carte blanche approval for any abuse imaginable without recourse for the abused.

But there is rebellion. According to 7 News 33% of Queensland police officers have refused the vaccine despite a mandate from police commissioner Katarina Carroll, who remains confident that they will get the “80% to 90% required”. Required for what? To serve her masters?

How can this planned genocide be stopped?

Rebellion from the police, and armed forces, could be the best means of stopping this proposed genocide. The truckers got it right. The government is not fit for purpose. Trade Union leaders are not fit for purpose. Queensland has been turned from a perceived law-abiding state into a fascist police state. This is not what decent police officers want. This officer, Alex Cooney, had to resign to get that message out.

And these nurses had to set up a dedicated Telegram page to get the truthful news of what is happening inside hospitals and care-homes out – without losing their jobs.

At the time of writing more than sixty whistleblowers have told of individual experiences which prove that those running the health-services, together with the Australian government and its mainstream media, do nothing but lie to their people.


Like Australia there are vast tracts of open uninhabited land separating many of the major cities. For the same reason Victoria is the main focus of Australia, the populated areas of Ontario are being targeted possibly because it would be easy to shuttle in US private armies and police (perhaps even from Quebec) to contain opposition should there be a rebellion. And there is a rebellion.

What do Ontarian citizens have to rebel against?

Where once Ontario had equality and the right of free choice among its human rights the non-pandemic Covid emergency measures have allowed the province to rewrite the rule book. Since 22 September it has included statements like:

“While receiving a COVID-19 vaccine remains voluntary, the OHRC takes the position that mandating and requiring proof of vaccination to protect people at work or when receiving services is generally permissible under the Human Rights Code (Code) as long as protections are put in place to make sure people who are unable to be vaccinated for Code-related reasons are reasonably accommodated. This applies to all organizations.”

Fascism like this is coming your way soon – if it is not already there.

In what ways are Canadian citizens rebelling?

A good thermometer reading of what is happening in the remote towns and cities can be taken with a look at Edmonton – in the middle of Alberta province. Bribes offered to the citizens of Alberta to get vaccinated have included a lottery, travel prizes and $100 gift vouchers. The lottery offered to make three lucky winners into millionaires. Among the unlucky losers are those the vaccine killed. Uptake has shown a wisdom in Alberta not found so much in coastal and lakeland regions.

What about those with specialist skills?

They cannot rely on their unions for support. That’s for sure, certainly if the transit union is anything to go by. Or the Real Superstore union backed up by the media.

Is there any hope?

Yes. Canada has a big problem. It has a shortage of skilled workers. And skilled workers are the backbone of successful economies. You want a bricklayer you don’t go to an electrician, you want an electrician you don’t go to a plumber. These specialist skills are acquired over years. These are the people who are standing up against the nonsense, like the truckers have done in Australia.

Members of Canadian Trades United have had enough. In a matter of days a Telegram channel of trades people has grown from nothing and currently has more than 1,500 subscribers. They are united, whether vaccinated or not, in bringing the nonsense of forced vaccination to an end.

Is there more hope?

Yes. Action4Canada has filed legal action against the state of British Columbia and the federal government for the “destructive emergency measures and Bill 19”. Then there is the Canadian Covid care Alliance whose introduction to a seriously academic submission begins:

“We represent over 500 members, comprised of physicians, research scientists (including virologists, vaccinologists, and immunologists), and others; including highly accomplished professors from top Canadian universities, allied healthcare professionals, and lawyers from across Canada, who have serious concerns with respect to the management of the COVID-19 pandemic in this country.”

There are also a lot of nurses speaking out. Just like nurses in Australia, nurses in Canada must remain anonymous. I am finishing with the testimony of one nurse from Alberta, who sadly looks like she might be made redundant just for refusing vaccination. I reproduce it in full because it is from the heart, and it is also well-written.


I am a RN working in a Northern Alberta County with approximately 10,000 citizens. We have had 3 COVID deaths in 2 years. I am personally familiar with 2 of these deaths and both patients had life threatening pre-existing conditions. One of the patients that died was fully vaccinated. The itital PCR test on this patient was positive and the second “rapid antigen” test was negative. These tests are not reliable and even the CDC said they should not be used. This is why there are so many people testing positive yet have no symptoms of illness.

I have also been watching acute care/ICU beds in the region and I agree that there is not a bed crisis.

What we do have is a staffing crisis. This crisis is due to an aging population of both patients and staff.

We started the year out with 10 doctors in my town. 3 doctors have moved away. 2 doctors are over 70 and are not covering our emergency department anymore. So, we are down to five doctors to work in their private practice AND to cover the emergency department 24/7. To make matters worse, Shandro capped the amount of patients the doctors can bill for on a daily basis. Sorry, but you can’t expect these doctors to work for free.

Additionally, our county has a second small hospital that was staffed with 2 doctors and locums. One of those doctors has moved away so the doctors in our area will be forced to increase the patient load from this doctor leaving. The emergency department in this hospital has been closed at different times due to no doctor available to work.

I know of 3 nurses in our hospital that are over 70. In addition, our hospital administrator is retiring this month and one of the regional managers is retiring Oct 1st.

Do we have a crisis? Yes, we do but it has nothing to do with COVID. The crisis is from aging staff that have not been replaced with younger people. It is a problem of an aging demographic and poor planning by health authorities. During the “Klein cuts” of the 90’s, 3 schools of nursing were closed in Edmonton alone. These were never reopened and we have lost 300 nurses a year because of this.

I do not work in emergency but I do work on a unit beside emergency so I can see the coming and going of patients. We are not overwhelmed with COVID patients. The other weekend I worked and went to the ER to speak with the oncall doctor. He was not there and the ER was empty. No patients.

I worked the acute unit this week and we had 1 covid positive patient, double vaccinated. Half of the patients on the unit were double vaccinated.

Do not believe the hype. There is no crisis other than a staffing crisis that has been brewing for decades. Despite this, I expect to be terminated in the next 3 weeks for refusing to get the jab. I am a loyal, reliable employee that has not had a sick day in 2 years, yet I will be terminated.

In conclusion, let me say that I have purposely infected myself with a COVID positive family member and I did not become ill. This pandemic has nothing to do with health and everything to do with controlling the population.

Vax passports = yellow stars.”

Probably every country’s nursing-staff can echo the above remarks.

In a future blog-post I shall be discussing the smaller countries of Lithuania and the Isle of Man in the same context.

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