Stunning news of “vaccine” contents

The link below is directly from Not on the Beeb and gives the option of watching a one minute taster, a six minute extract or the full video (above an hour). If you are thinking of getting the “vaccine” (or a booster) you had better take a look at the non-human specimens found in the formulae and bloodstream – metallic and granular objects that appear like graphene oxide. Read Mark Playne’s article and watch the videos.

If you love your children keep them a million miles away from these life-form-changing satanic recipes.

None of mainstream media is running this story – surprise, surprise – and the academic world should be ashamed of itself for not doing the necessary research into these experimental concoctions. The corporate-owned social networks have taken it down in compliance with their ownership.

All prime ministers, premiers, presidents and world leaders who have gone along with this scam and continued to push vaccines onto an uninformed population should resign immediately. Some of us suspect what is going to happen when the winter bugs strike. World leaders, of course, were not daft enough to bare their arms for the poisonous jabs!

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