In the Wake of Covid-19

In the wake of Covid-19 it is time to rise up against those still pushing that agenda – those still trying to keep everyone subjugated. So many are still putty in the hands of the manipulators. And having had such great success the manipulators are not suddenly going to let the putty harden while it can still be moulded to their purpose. Not unless they are made to stop.

Thus, we need to get behind Australians, who have had enough of the kangaroo crap, from self-instituted kangaroo government backed up by a kangaroo justice-system and kangaroo trade-union leaders.

In the video link below Max Igan interviews funeral director, John O’Looney, who has spoken out about what he has witnessed first-hand here in the UK.

John O’Looney can see the big picture clearly. What the Americans have been doing with the Fauci-recommended drug, Remdesivir, the UK did with the Hancock-recommended drug, Midazolam. You can call this euthanasia if you want. Murder is a better description. Mr O’Looney talks of the “paper-trail” to Midazolam. He also mentions being called out to care homes exclusively at the so-called height of the so-called pandemic – 3 times in one day to the same home – something he has never seen before in his working life as a funeral director (9-11 minutes).

Not unexpectedly, those running the agenda, have pressured Liam Roberts, professional standards chairman of John O’Looney’s professional association to tell a plethora of lies and suspend Mr O’Looney as a warning to others. But other funeral directors, some 45 of them, have already confirmed that the Milton Keynes funeral director’s claims are true (22 minutes).

I have put Liam Roberts on Notice of Liability for his false testimony. When the trials start his masters will hang him out to dry.

These globalists think they can succeed where the Nazis failed. All over the world concentration camps are springing up at a time when there is extreme hardship for individuals who have lost their jobs during this “kangaroo crap” pandemic. People would need to have been cocooned most of their lives not to be aware of the FEMA camps in the US. John O’Looney points to those established, and being established, in the UK (including HM Prison Wellingborough) and Max Igan confirms that these gulags are present in Australia too (27 minutes).

Yesterday, John O’Looney was one of a number of experts who presented evidence to a senior backbench member of the UK parliament together with academic and president of World Doctors’ Alliance, Professor Dolores Cahill; retired police-officer, Mark Sexton; senior lawyer and former army officer, Anna De Buisseret; medical doctor and whistleblower, Dr. Sam White, his solicitor, Phillip Hyland and medical doctor and vaccine-damage expert, Dr Tessa Lawrie. Don’t ever think you are alone in this struggle.

Don’t be like the German people under Nazism, turning a blind eye, fearful to speak up. Get behind the Australians. Their fight is our fight. The time is now and you owe it to your families, you owe it to society, but most of all, you owe it to your own conscience.

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