EMA and MEPs put on notice for crimes against humanity

Let there be no mistake. What is happening today, before our very eyes, is what happened with human medical experiments during the Second World War. These experiments were without informed consent. Many prisoners were vaccinated with experimental drugs.

After the war, when camps like Dachau were liberated, the survivors were able to identify their persecutors. Some of those rescued are alive today. And today they are fully supportive of Doctors for Covid Ethics (D4CE) in the accusations levelled, not just at the pharmaceutical profiteers and the regulatory authorities under their control, but at parliamentarians who sanction the ongoing global experiment without so much as a word against it.

Let there be no mistake. The emergency acts which were introduced even though there never was an emergency, are going to be useless when the rule of parliament and the rule of law returns. Then those who wittingly allowed these experiments to go ahead will have some life-changing questions to answer. Somebody else will be sitting in Klaus Karl Schilling’s chair!

You can download and read the research behind Doctors for Covid Ethics’ Notices of Liability (NOLs) served on every member of the European parliament at the link below under the Posts tab. It also has appended the Holocaust survivors’ endorsement. You will need to click the Home button to take you to the site. Please read! Thanks.

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