Jenga, the twin towers and cognitive dissonance

This is for people who do not know how to apply basic physics to real events – including it would seem – NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Look at the Jenga tower in the picture. There are gaps everywhere where the wooden building bricks have been removed. Yet it still stands. You can see it is going to fall soon depending on which wooden brick is removed. One thing is certain too. It is not going to fall straight down into its own footprint.

What is keeping it upright are truisms, that is, laws of physics. Science knows these as Newton’s three laws of motion. The Jenga tower provides an opportunity to demonstrate all three laws of motion.

  • Newton’s first law states that an object will remain static until an external force acts upon it. It is known as the law of inertia. The Jenga tower is immobile, or inert, in the photograph. Yet it appears to be so finely balanced a breath of wind might blow the structure down. In that case the wind would be the external force that acted upon it.
  • Newton’s second law, the law of constant acceleration, states that if an object is acted upon by a force, it will accelerate in the direction of the applied force at a constant rate. Other factors come into play like the mass of the object, how much force is applied to it, gravity and friction. For basic scientific purposes gravity and friction are ignored for the law to hold true outside of a vacuum. If you’ve played Jenga you can easily imagine before the tower reached the stage of demolition it has reached in the photograph there was a middle brick that you could see was loose. Just a little push with your finger could have sent it flying out of the other side. The formula for this action is force equals mass times acceleration (F = MA). The greater the mass the more force is required to set it in motion. The reason the brick does not continue to accelerate in the direction it was pushed is because it is acted upon by other forces, the density of the air and the force of gravity. Otherwise it would continue accelerating in its path as it would in a vacuum, or in outer space.
  • Newton’s third law on the conservation of momentum states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This third law is crucial in the consideration of how the twin towers fell and how a Jenga tower falls. Look again at the picture. The top part of the structure is leaning to the left and overhanging. It is delicately balanced on the fulcrum of a middle brick. The removal of the brick to the left of the middle brick caused the structure to topple in the direction it did. What prevented it from toppling any further was the brick directly beneath the removed brick. In other words, the action of toppling was arrested by an equal and opposite reaction from the brick below.

Having written so much about why the twin towers and building 7 could not have collapsed the way they did makes it difficult to think of a new approach. Getting through to people who blindly accept the US government story, even though it defies science, is like trying to convince – often the same people – that the Covid “pandemic” is a scam.

In experiments I have previously shown how two and a half beer-cans would equate to the same proportional height as one of the twin towers, without the twin-towers core-column and floors. I have demonstrated how bricks many times the mass of beer-cans are unable to cause a beer-can collapse – even with a gash in the side of the can. I have shown how beer-cans can support the weight of a child. I am drunk with trying to explain to the gullible who are unable to give a sober explanation of why I might be wrong. I have proved the incredible strength of steel structures. And the oldest iron-framed building in the world is still standing after more than 200 years.

Show me a Jenga collapse where the bricks have gone through one another into a pile at the bottom. It does not happen. Show me a Jenga collapse created by the removal of a top brick.

If people (especially engineers) still don’t get it that the official story of 9/11 is a lie, they do not understand the laws of motion. Sadly, there is little hope for them.

I’m done explaining.

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