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Get rid of the neo-fascist Coronavirus Act (2020)

For nearly eighteen months I have seen the Coronavirus Act (2020) as being the weak link in this nonsense, as many of you know (see here, and here and here and elsewhere). Today I discovered that there is a petition to parliament to get this debated before the next extension.

My MP, Steve McCabe, voted for this on every occasion and I have left a message on his answerphone about what I shall do should he fail to oppose it again this time round.

McCabe also stood up in parliament and asked why Birmingham was not getting enough of the “clot shots” even if he called them “vaccines” – which, of course, they are not. He is recorded as saying:

Could the Prime Minister kindly explain to the people of tier 3 Birmingham, population more than 1 million, and where over 2,000 have lost their lives, why he doesn’t consider them a priority for receipt of the vaccine.

Steve McCabe’s rush to get people jabbed regardless of the fatalities and adverse reactions – of which I had already informed him – was reckless and life-threatening and our MP may already be responsible for an unknown number of deaths because parliament no longer debates and personally he cannot wait to get a viral load of untested gene-therapy into the citizens of Birmingham.

This petition does need the support of everyone in the UK. So if you have the time please, as soon as you’ve signed it, pass it on. Let all your MPs know about the second Nuremberg-type trial that is coming their way.


For further information Conservative Woman, one of the few political forces of any note these days, has an article about the petition here.

I see this petition as a big hope against the creeping fascism.

UK Medical Freedom Alliance letters

In true democratic fashion the world’s leading social-networking platform has taken down a letter from Medical Freedom Alliance which has dared to challenge Professor Chris Whitty and his crony medical officers by drawing to their attention letters, one to the MHRA another to Head Teachers, and another to employers regarding the proposed vaccination of children.


As it says please share widely.

Remember too that there are a number of letters and forms you can download for personal use targeting schools, universities, employers and health services together with vaccine liability forms from our Resources page. What are you waiting for?

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