Opt out of NHS data-sharing – and why you should

Opting out of the NHS data collection is not difficult. You can, and should, do it using the link below. Do it now.


The NHS has turned into a bureaucratic top-heavy management cartel for generating money. Virtually all medical practices are geared to “get-rich-quick” schemes dangled before them by Big Pharma. Where once the credo of doctors was to “do no harm” today it has become “make more dosh.”

At near £13 per jab, and promises of this process going on forever, at least twice yearly, medical practitioners have been seduced with a wish-list of empty-surgeries, loads of time on their hands, and loads of dosh in their bank accounts. That elective surgery procedures and other general practices are witnessing ever-increasing waiting times is beside the point. Computers are dictating and determining diagnoses to give GPs even more free-time and less need to be familiar with the regular treatment of disease and ailments.

The NHS is presently a propaganda tool of government and the Big Pharma cartel. The online document which tries to convince people it is in their best interests to make their personal data available to all-and-sundry is a disgrace. Its author(s) should be sacked.

It begins by demonstrating who calls the tune with a letter from the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Jo Churchill, except the link to the letter does not work.

However, what it said was:

“The goal of this new system is to:

  • reduce burden on GP practices in managing access to patient data and maintain compliance with relevant data protection legislation
  • improve protections through the consistent and rigorous review of all applications for access to patient data
  • make it easier for patients to understand how their health and care data is being used, including increasing use of Trusted Secure Environments that avoids data flowing outside the NHS”

So you see it’s all true. The idea is to take control of your personal information to “reduce burden on GP practices” and it could not be clearer. Added to which it mentions “compliance with relevant data protection legislation”. Everybody with half a brain knows what that means. The Investigatory Powers Act aka “Snoopers Charter” was being appealed by Liberty in 2019 so we are likely to hear no more of that. No wonder the NHS removed that link to Churchill’s letter.

The politics of the MMR vaccine and autism

Further down the online document there is another link to a paper which attempts to convince people why they should allow their data to be used by anyone but their personal physician – who nobody can get to see anyway. It happens to be a paper from Oxford University. Its contents should amaze you – at least, what you can see of the paper because it is only an abstract and you would need to pay to read the full paper.

Oxford University, the oldest in the UK, and once a paragon of academic achievement, is fast losing credibility. Its record for fastidious studies and quality long-term research has given way to shoddy products a cobbler with any scruples would throw in the bin.

The Oxford-AstraZeneca gene therapy they chose to call a vaccine is just one example of rushed and lazy work, the side effects of which have already killed thousands (999 in the UK according to official figures at 14 July 2021).

The paper, included to convince you to sacrifice your medical records and health integrity to government spies and Big Pharma, appears to be written as a warning to doctors and researchers who may still have scruples, rather than any serious attempt to convince an intelligent being it has credibility. Its purpose is to quell fears about the MMR jab on the one hand, and discredit Dr. Andrew Wakefield on the other. Wakefield was subsequently sacked for pointing out the presumed autism link. The warning could not be more explicit.

You should opt out of this before 1 September 2021. Originally you would not have been allowed to opt out after that date but the letter which was removed was supposed to be a rethink. Don’t bank on that. Get out now!

It is laughable that this online document cites a paper from 2004 as a tool of persuasion. Have they seriously nothing more up-to-date? You can bet they probably have. Unfortunately such data might prove Dr. Wakefield right after all. And the power-mongers would not want that. What they do want is for doctors and researchers to be shit-scared of saying anything against their narrative. Sadly, it seems to have worked. Nobody since 2004 has questioned the MMR vaccine/autism link the Lancet paper set out to disprove.

What the true up-to-date facts are about whether the MMR jab causes autism, or not, cannot be ascertained from medical periodicals. There is only one narrative. Here are some pointers should a fearless unabashed doctor with oodles of testosterone and balls like a bull wish to challenge Big Pharma’s matadors. What he, or she, might find useful is the fact that autism is on the increase at a seemingly unstoppable rate.

And despite increased MMR vaccination by 2019 mumps – always unstable, coming in peaks and troughs – was on the increase again. Measles over the years was already on decline and has remained relatively stable since the MMR jab was introduced in October 1988, though it is fair to say deaths from the disease have remained low. The measles and rubella paper did a case-study of travelling communities in which uptake of the MMR vaccine was much lower than elsewhere. It was an ideal opportunity to evaluate whether unvaccinated children suffered less from autism. Instead researchers concentrated on determining means to persuade travellers to take the jab. Like mumps, rubella (or German Measles), is up and down too despite vaccination (see figure 12 in the link).

The record of the MMR combined vaccine is certainly not spectacular, if convincing at all. But anyway, these papers dare not investigate a link between the MMR jab and autism. So it is left to other sources to deal with it, sources where the researcher is unlikely to lose his or her livelihood by publishing. Forgive me for not getting more recent charts but these were the best that could be found. Anyone finding better please put the link in a comment.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DebateVaccine/comments/g9uy8d/autism_is_an_epidemic_the_first_autism_prevalence/

The above graph has a close similarity to the vaccine schedule history for MMR (Measles, Mumps. and Rubella) vaccines (see graph below). Note that at the time of the age-old Oxford study the NHS relies on as “proof” that there is no correlation between the MMR vaccine and incidence of autism 1 in 166 children in the US were sufferers, more than 4 times the figure in 2004.

By 2018 out of every 100 people 3 were likely to have autism. This figure rises year-on-year.

Source: https://vactruth.com/history-of-vaccine-schedule/

Internet search engines are replete with algorithms to prevent anyone finding something controversial, that might threaten Big Pharma. While the charts above are only what police would call “circumstantial evidence” it would not be beyond the capabilities of university research departments to look into the likelihood of a connection between the MMR jab and increases in autism. The trouble is they are all shit-scared and unlikely to find funding.

Big Pharma, governments and the MHRA have been promoting gene therapies in the guise of vaccines for Covid-19 in the same way the MMR jab was once promoted. Those who control the NHS have done the same to Mohammed Iqbal Adil, and others who question these deadly toxins shot into the bloodstream, as they did to Dr. Wakefield – suspended them. But this time there are a lot more prepared to speak out. My advice to the cowardly sycophants cosying-up to the vaccine power-mongers is: grow some.

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  1. Where I work you can ‘self identify’ (as being fully vaccinated) by requesting for AND wearing a yellow lanyard with your employee badge. (you don’t have to wear a ‘face’ mask once vaccinated). You can try not wearing a mask but anyone can challenge your vaccine status by asking to see your (uhh) vaccine status (uhh) ‘covid’ card.
    Sadly I’m seeing more and more yellow ‘ribbons’ around the necks of people I work with.
    How far we’ve come…


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