Lies in the skies

On Tuesday 27 July a Chinook was spotted circling round South Birmingham. The next day we got skies you can hardly believe, together with thunder, lightning, rain, hail and swirling winds. Coincidence? Possible. That the US can change the weather, and has been doing for years , denying everything until 2015 when they came clean, is indisputable. But they still blame climate change on you and me.

One of the most pollutive cell-towers in the South Birmingham area is the mast at Highters Heath placed right alongside two schools and a community centre. I predict thar the children at the schools will be dead by the time they are twenty if the mast continues to emit such strong electro-magnetic fields. My suspicion is that this mast is being used in conjunction with other technologies to create the unnatural skies and non-summer weather we saw on the 28 July.

Upper-atmospheric nuclear tests of the sixties were conducted as far away from the US as possible – over Australasia and Antarctica. That’s the area where holes in the ozone layer subsequently appeared. These holes were blamed on you and me and our use of CDCs. Tests stopped because those involved in the tests must have realised the dangerous threat was to everyone on the planet – and that included them.

Along came Covid-19, the disease caused by a man-made SARS-CoV-2 virus. It was introduced to create the fake pandemic, the pandemic that never was. Attributes ascribed to this virus are ludicrous. When pubs and places of entertainment were in the firing line in the UK the government put a curfew on what hours people were allowed to visit, as though a virus only becomes active at 10.00 p.m. Even those who had fallen for the gobbledygook thought this strange, and as deep thinkers their collective intellect leaves much to be desired.

Mainstream media has done nothing but lie over the fake pandemic. The nonsense things they have got reasonably intelligent people to believe are incredible, some absolutely laughable. I play golf.

People who play golf, on occasions when the government did not shut down golf courses, were instructed, without any credible science, not to partner people outside their own family-unit. They were instructed not to touch flags or bunker rakes. They were instructed not to exchange scorecards, as well as all the tripe about sanitizers, keeping distance and wearing masks in the pro-shop. Remember this is at a time when you could exchange coins at the counter of a shop and collect your post from the letter-box after delivery.

Then suddenly – now don’t burst out laughing – but suddenly, on July 19, you were allowed to touch the flag, use the bunker rakes, shake hands, exchange cards and visit the pro-shop without wearing a mask. Yet you were not on July 18, when it was still dangerous to do so. It’s the 10.00 p.m. rule in a different guise. How gullible are those complying with such control-measures? Who dreams up this nonsense? And why do otherwise sensible people fall for it?

Anyway, getting back to the world of reality, as far as I know, only one clinician has taken up the learned Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi’s challenge in testing Covid-19 vaccinated people for clotting and micro-clotting. That doctor is Dr. Charles Hoffe. If, as suspected, the vaccines were casuing blood-clots Dr. Bhakdi pointed to a test that can determine such clotting events. It is known as a D-Dimer test. When clotting occurs D-Dimers in the bloodstream increase. My understanding is that D-Dimers can be likened to tiny particles of dust in the blood.

Dr. Hoffe tested patients before and after vaccination for D-Dimer presence. He showed that post-vaccination there was an increase in D-Dimers. Though more research would be welcome this goes some significant way towards proving that clotting is occurring as a result of Covid-19 vaccinations – especially when coupled with known clotting events (and deaths) shortly after vaccination.

A week after Dr. Hoffe made a disclosure his clinic, in the town of Lytton, Canada, burnt down. Coincidence? Possibly. There are though other possibilities and I urge you to watch this video by Amazing Polly to learn what they are.

Jumping to conclusions would not be advocated by either Dr. Bhakdi or Dr. Hoffe. However there is no law against speculation. Not yet anyway.

The answer lies in the skies.

7 thoughts on “Lies in the skies

  1. These murderous Luuuciferian SOB’s will go to any lengths to keep and increase their wealth and control. ‘ARTK#177 90 Mysterious Deaths & Counting of Holistic Doctors with Erin Elizabeth’:

    Those ‘Forest Fires’ are exactly like the California ones – destroying houses and cars, but leaving the ‘alleged spreaders’, the trees, unsinged. Where is the MSM on this? Up their paymasters’ posteriors, where they have made their abode for some time. And the Sheeple, who trust our ‘governments’ to protect their interests? Still lost in Cloud-Cuckoo Land.


  2. If all this evil isn’t enough they use Cuomo for a smokescreen. They use reg. citizens to judge & ridicule via Public scrutiny to shame. The public believes what they read even the ones who blame others for this. Hypocrites, on all sides. Psychological effects the evil minions wants, and then turn each other, as if feeling undermined when another see’s things a lil different. If I was Cuomo’s attorney regarding nursing home murders; the conviction would be thrown out. He’s not responsible, or was there a virus that killed those patients. If it was for that reason they would have wanted him out! So, they used a lesser crime. If he was charged with the murder of all those elderly folks, the truth would eventually be calling out Big pharma & politicians.
    I commented that on a guys post who thought the claps of Cuomo’s removal were stupid, that they were ignorant & didn’t know the real reason he was ousted. I almost agreed cuz I knew it was something other than his recent accusation. I mean seriously, Dems/Nancy P. wants out for some touchy-feely i.e. I got my own thought on that too. Corrupt government used distracted tactics , and got me thinking of B.GAITS DIVORCE. So Mefhink wicked came around that time too. I saw a pattern.

    And it all clicked in again—Tennessee governor Bill Lee signed the death camp Bill! So, moving forward I wondered if the national guard would kill their Moms/Dads-brothers/sisters etc.??? Is this the answer from my searching? I found National guard had shared a wonderful post & wanted all to Share!!! Yeah, they used 3 ‼️❗️They were delighted about receiving free medical & more B.Lee goodies. Free medical for them is free death vaccinations and/or robotic humanoid enslavement. aka the cytokine storm! Tennessee nurses need a break and other medical staff was the excuse.
    A Perfect answer is to use unqualified medical support which the nurses etc are angry & confused. Had to ask them if they are getting it now, was it clicking in? your getting real close I replied. I call it the perfect cytokine Marxist murder storm.


  3. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d certainly donate to this outstanding blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to fresh updates and will share this blog with my Facebook group. Talk soon!


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