Isle of Man – will it ever open again for business?

On a day when the awful damage from vaccines was shown to be much worse than figures released by government authorities a group of protesters assembled outside the parliamentary buildings of the Manx government to lobby members of the House of Keys (MHKs). They are seeking fairness and equality on border entry to the island.

Many people choose not to be vaccinated with untested experimental recipes until the efficacy, or lack of efficacy, of such injections are fully understood. Initial results, released by official sources, do not look promising, and we now know that these data have been manipulated to make the vaccines appear less damaging than they are.

A whistleblower in the US, under sworn testimony, claims there were 45,000 deaths which went unreported in the course of just 3 days. Lawyer, Thomas Renz, is pursuing this negation of duty through the courts and cannot wait to sue some of the major manufacturers of the lies. It would appear that VAERS tried to cover some of its tracks. There was a sudden upsurge in deaths reported between 7 July and 9 July (nearly 2,000).

It is not just the VAERS reporting system in the US which is guilty of such criminal malpractice. It is ubiquitous. In the UK the Office of National Statistics has not yet released figures for the last period of 2020. More importantly, it has not released figures for the first three months of this year – which I can confidently predict will show more COVID-19 deaths have occurred in the vaccination period between December 2020 to February 2021 than in the period when the pandemic was allegedly at its peak between March and May 2020. You will be forgiven for wondering why the BBC is not reporting this.

According to Victoria Hodgson a quarter of the Manx population remains unvaccinated. Interviewed by Paul Moulton of Isle of Man TV she outlined the protesters’ gripes.

We’d like to see a fair and inclusive Manx border entry policy. The current policy clearly discriminates against the unvaccinated.

Protesters outside Tynwald yesterday (courtesy Isle of Man TV).

As a holiday resort the Isle of Man is a microcosm of the world tourist industry. It is all under threat. A wedge is being driven between vaccinated and unvaccinated. Manx advocate, Ian Kermode, sums up this rift calling it “the first concrete division in Manx society”, and adding:

We’re here today because we want an inclusive and diverse society which respects all views, not just vaccinated people respecting themselves but also respecting people who can’t be vaccinated or choose not to.’

Advocate, Ian Kermode and petition organiser, Victoria Hodgson (courtesy GEF)

There are those of us too with relatives on the Isle of Man who cannot visit without going through invasive tests and demeaning procedures – and all for a virus that kills less people than many other ailments. The vaccines are an experiment – a bad experiment. Those of us who prefer to rely on our immune systems for protection are being penalised by the same people who told you the virus becomes active at 10 pm, the same people who erected perspex sheets everywhere as though the virus could not get over, under or round them, the same people who want to take away your rights – including your right of bodily integrity.

3 thoughts on “Isle of Man – will it ever open again for business?

  1. Hi, is there a Facebook group for like minded people who prefer not to have the experimental biological agent? I’m also very concerned at the heavy handed effort to remove fundamental freedoms including access to the IOM and potentially making jabs mandatory for school and other services. Thanks SteveZ


    1. Hi Steve, I’m not sure. Facebook has a tendency to disapprove of groups which do not support the mainstream message. I know of two Facebook sites which have been taken down where people were posting adverse reactions and deaths from the various “vaccines”. Telegram is a better option in my opinion,


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