The Manx lobby – tourism and the Tour-de-France

Tomorrow there will be a lobby of Members of the House of Keys (MHKs) outside of Tynwald, the Manx Parliament, on Bucks Road, Douglas. Those who can get there should assemble at 9.00 a.m. The purpose is to try and stop discrimination against those choosing not to get inoculated with concoctions of dubious origin wrongly referred to as vaccines.

The cover picture shows Cavendish winning Stage 13 and equalling Eddy Merckx’ historic record of 34 stage wins. Yesterday the “Manx Missile” won the green jersey in the Tour-de-France although he failed to find a gap on yesterday’s final stage to make him an outright record-holder. He still managed a very creditable third place.

This year’s tour demonstrated the nonsense that has been imposed on people the world over. Some 220 cyclists from every continent raced together in close proximity over 21 stages – none of them wearing a mask, none of them social-distancing. Sportsmen know that wearing a mask reduces oxygen intake and could be downright dangerous.

How many cyclists took the experimental jab is unknown. It does not matter because the jab fails to stop anyone getting Covid-19 and does not stop them spreading it either – which questions its purpose.

The whole baloney of the so-called “pandemic” was demonstrated at stage presentations when cyclists were instructed to wear a mask as they walked to the podium. Rules of this nature equate with the stupid curfew notion that Covid-19 vanishes at 10 p.m. the hour at which hostelries must close. Or the ridiculous belief that a piece of perspex at a shop counter can stop a virus getting over or under it.

The rule, of course, was not for the competitors. It was for those watching the sports spectacle. Its purpose was to enforce control over ordinary non-participants and further the nonsensical narrative. Judging from those I saw yesterday riding around in cars while wearing masks, on a stifling summer’s day, this propaganda is working.

For those of us with the gumption to see this control mechanism for what it is, and who choose not to be injected with an experimental gene therapy from Pfizer, Astra-Zeneca, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson, there are plans to prohibit travel to the Isle of Man. This is discrimination on a grand scale.

It is important therefore that those of us with relatives on the Island, those who do business there, or are annual tourists, competitors and spectators of the Manx TT, be allowed to travel to and from the island without restriction.

Historically, population of the Isle of Man increases massively from the tourist spike in the summer-season. With a year-round population of some 80,000 residents in 2017 – a poor year – there were an additional 266,850 visitors, 129,860 staying in paid accommodation. That boost to the economy has vanished during this fake Covid-19 crisis.

If members of the House of Keys do not oppose discrimination of those of us who regularly visit, who have family and friends there, just because we choose not to be experimented on with jabs which are killing thousands, damage to the economy will only deteriorate further. It will also demonstrate that the Isle of Man is not autonomous but just takes its instructions from the UK.

It is up to us not living on the island to support Manx advocate, Ian Kermode, and others who challenge discriminatory acts against vaccine dissenters. MHKs will be seeking re-election in September.

Sadly, this year I will not be participating in the Big Ride for Palestine, a charity event I have taken part in since it began. The organisers have introduced lateral flow tests (which are useless for anything other than damaging the sensitive membranes of the upper nose) and because I refuse to take one I have been excluded from the event.

“As you have said you will not comply with TBR’s COVID requirements, we are afraid that we cannot allow you to ride on this occasion.”

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  1. The more sapient you are the more you realise that it is the least sapient who drink the Koolaid. The polarisational persuasion will intensify. It is survivalist which means you must be able to do without mod cons or supermarkets (and defend against ravenous hordes). It is also eugenic, which means you must be able to do without institutional healthcare.


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