Green slime

Some years back I toyed with the idea of joining the Green Party and ended up on their mailing list. I am a conservationist, fond of nature, and aware that certain individuals are making the planet anything but green.

I also thought that Caroline Lucas was a good MP.

Today I received the most ludicrous load of nonsense from one, Jonathan Bartley, who is apparently co-leader of the Green Party. I could not believe it. He wants people to continue wearing masks and is clearly in a different world to me. It read:

“Dear John
It’s not time to take our masks off yet.

Infection rates are going through the roof, and many of us are still vulnerable and unvaccinated. I’ll still be wearing my mask, and clearly the rules should stay in place past July 19.

Will you sign my petition to say we’re still #InThisTogether?

This Government is determined to throw all public health protections on a bonfire from July 19 and just pretend this pandemic isn’t happening.

Yet again, it’s down to the public to stand together and call for basic protections from this virus, with recent polling showing that 70 percent of us are in favour of keeping the rules on mask wearing in place for the time being.

If you’re one of those people, show your support for the protection we give each other when we cover up by sharing your mask selfie, and telling the world the reason you wear it.

Complete the Tweet and share your mask selfie now!

Once again the Government is taking a huge, reckless gamble with our lives, but I know that most people in this country have been ahead of the curve when it comes to protecting one another. I have no doubt that masks will be no different.

Sign the Petition

Complete your tweet

I’ll keep wearing mine, if you keep wearing yours.
In unity,
Jonathan Bartley
Co – leader, Green Party of England and Wales
P.S. Can you donate just £20 to help share our message of progressive Green politics more widely, securing a #GreenFuture for all?”

Oh, my God. Please tell me this is not true. I have never worn a mask. All the evidence shows they are useless against viruses. How can a grown man think differently? Why does he not do any research?

I responded:

“Dear Mr Bartley,

You have totally lost the plot. Wake up. There is no pandemic. Masks don’t work. Twats on TV don’t social distance except on TV. You’ve bought into a crock of you know what.

How could I join the Green Party now?

John Goss”

Cover photo courtesy of OffGuardian memes. They’re brilliant.

One thought on “Green slime

  1. I only wear a mask where required, that’s shops. I do so because I don’t want to be subject to abuse and I don’t want to risk being infected with spike proteins from the vaxed. I might wear a sandwich board carrying the words The End of the World is Not Nigh!


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