Sky News, Big Pharma, the Boys from Brazil

Yesterday, most of the corporate-owned media ran a story about lots of women and babies dying in Brazil from a new variant of Covid-19 called P1. The link is from Sky News. Its conclusion has no science to back it up. There is more science to suggest the extra-deaths to pregnant women, and their babies, is being caused by vaccination.

Many enlightened doctors and virologists – those prepared to speak about it – say that there is so little difference between one variant and another the effects are negligible.

However, Dr Rossana Pulcineli Vieira Francisco, a researcher at St Paulo University said, when asked if it was a perfect storm: “Yes, and I think our only chance to stop this is the vaccine.” Later in a totally partisan article, the call for vaccination is endorsed. The following statement demonstrates the objectivity of Sky News, and its reporter, Stuart Ramsay.

“The entire medical profession in Brazil now acknowledges that the only way to fight the virus and to stop the country being a petri dish for creating COVID-19 variants that will continue to threaten the world, is for the country’s vaccination programme to speed up and reach all members of society.”

It would be difficult, in a month of Sundays, to make contact with the entire “medical profession” but here you have it. Stuart Ramsay is obviously as intrepid a reporter, crusader and super-hero, as Clark Kent. In a flash he was into his gear to single-handedly save the world from variant P1, with support from the “entire” Brazilian army of medical professionals caught in his slip-stream. Fly high – fly Sky.

How trustworthy is the recommendation of Dr. Rossana Pulcineli Vieira Francisco that vaccines are the way to stop the so-called pandemic?

First of all consider the president of Brazil.

Jair Bolsonaro has not been vaccinated and does not believe the gobbledygook. That makes him, and his regime, like that of Lukashenko in Belarus, a threat to the globalist plan.

If regime change cannot be orchestrated other means are surreptitiously adopted. Did the globalists get to Dr. Francisco, making her offers she could not resist? Certainly her department was fitted out with the notoriously inaccurate PCR equipment which can give anybody, man or woman, Covid-19, or AIDS, or any number of viruses whether they have these viruses or not. It is a useless piece of kit for that purpose.

Perhaps she feels obligated to those who are keeping her in a job in a country where jobs are at a premium. Who knows? Her advice on vaccination is not only speculative it could well be responsible already for the increase in deaths which have occurred in pregnant women. No studies exist to support Dr. Francisco for the simple reason that a pregnancy in humans takes about nine months and the vaccination programme has only been running since late last year.

A possible, and more plausible explanation, is that those pushing this agenda are also pushing to oust Bolsonaro because he is an obstacle to their global dominance. Thus, with the help of Big Pharma companies, who also stand to gain, they are experimenting with vaccines which are known to kill pregnant women (and the babies they are carrying).

The Sky News article says Covid-19 deaths of pregnant women – it means, in fact, deaths of women who have tested positive for Covid-19 with a totally flawed test – have risen from 10 per week last year to 40 per week this year. Without actual data it is not possible to corroborate or dispute this. We are not told in which weeks the deaths took place or how many per week. What we do know is that the mRNA and genetically modified gene therapies they are calling “vaccines” are dangerous to pregnant women.

There is “high expression of the ACE2 receptor for the spike protein in the placenta and testes” Dr. Roger Hodkinson noted in this interview. This could lead to pregnancy complications and sterilisation in men and women.

You have to read almost to the end of the Sly News article to find one of its biggest porkies on vaccination.

“The rollout is currently very slow and so far has only started to include 56-year-olds in Sao Paulo.”

It is doubtful 56 year olds will be taking part in Pfizer vaccine trials for pregnant women. Whatever Ramsay says these trials started on Tuesday 25 May, ample time to have caused an increase in the deaths of pregnant women and their unborn babies. And ample time for those guiding the narrative to claim they were due to a new strain.

This is Sky News ethics policy.

3 thoughts on “Sky News, Big Pharma, the Boys from Brazil

  1. Fantastic blog. I found you your blog while trying to see if it was really a hoax or not regarding Tiffany being dead (or alive). I think after the little bit of research I’ve done, its clear she’s dead. Quite honestly, this would all go away if she was post an UPDATED video discussing her current condition. We’re sitting here at the end of June 2021, and there’s nothing. The family is likely going along with the narrative for… wait for it.. “The greater good”. They were probably talked into realizing that her death would spook fellow Americans from doing the “right thing” and getting vaccinated. Feeling that her death was unrelated to the vaccine, the family probably agreed to it to help “protect” their nation from being nervous about getting it.

    Any way – my concern is this: Is it possible the government will find a way to get the vaccination into those who refuse? tampering of food, water, air space, and so on? It seems it would be very easy to get this formula into our systems through other means than the “jab”. Do you have any thoughts on this? Can we really get away with not taking it or are they going to find other clever ways to put this in our blood?


    1. I share some of your concerns Angela. I am afraid that those who own the media are going flat-out to get everyone under their control because if they fail – when they fail – they will go to prison.

      Instead they want everyone else in their prisons, controlled by whatever means. They have no scruples.

      Thanks for your kind comment.


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