The Pandemic that never was

The media still talks about a Covid pandemic that never took place. It is meant to instil fear and thus encourage – cajole might be a better word – people into taking vaccines which are next to useless.

Here is the total number of burials and cremations for my home city of Birmingham for the “pandemic” year – less in fact than any of the previous five years. Yet people are climbing over one another to get to the front of the vaccination queue for injections of an untested genetic concoction.

And if you think Birmingham is an exception here are figures from some other towns and cities obtained by Nick Milner using Freedom of Information (FOI) requests. Central Bedfordshire seems to be the most inefficient region in the country for record-keeping and refused Nick’s request on the grounds of the search being too costly.

There was no pandemic and the Office of National Statistics is sitting on figures which should have been released more than two months back on 19 March to get as many people vaccinated with their poisons as possible before the truth emerges – it was just the annual flu.

Already five so-called vaccines have resulted in untold damage and death to those taking them. The following figures and explanations of them have been prepared by a colleague from official sources.

UK Adverse Events to 12th May 2021 as released by the MHRA (UK) .

A total of 1,180 deaths (plus many miscarriages) and over 822,000 injuries now reported through the Yellow Card Scheme in the UK in regards to the experimental Covid-19 vaccines. Each person for whom a Yellow Card (UK) is being completed has suffered on average more than 3.5 adverse events with over 235,000 individual reports now having been made.

According to the government about 53% (last week 51%) of the UK population has had the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and 28% (last week 24%) have also had their second dose.

The latest adverse reactions from the Covid-19 vaccine provided by the MHRA / UK govt these can be located here : and are also attached in the PDF documents and can be located here thanks to UKC :

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