Losing it. Your freedom on the line. Are you being controlled?

On my long cycle trip in 2000 I was most impressed by how easy it was, when we were part of Europe, to get from country to country without border controls or checks. Having cycled up to Hull for the ferry I then peddled from Rotterdam to Bratislava, going through Holland, Germany and Austria, largely following the Danube, without the need to ever show my passport. There were Watch towers near the borders – skeletal remains of former days. It was a freedom I am unlikely to see again in my lifetime. All because of a virus from which hardly anybody dies.

Before our entry into Europe I had memories of long queues at every border. Being on a bike of course meant I had extra freedoms even in countries where border controls were in still in place: Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey. I could cycle to the front of the queue.

Today though the world is becoming a much different place. In the health services the queues get longer for those needing elective surgery, or even simply diagnosis. Try making an appointment with GP practices by phone (the only way you can) and you speak to a machine which probably tells you “you are number 25 in the queue”. Soon we will have forgotten what it was like to walk into a surgery with a problem, see a doctor, receive treatment or a prescription and go home. GP practices are quickly turning into vaccinaton centres where people queue to have some untested and alien poison pumped into their bloodstreams in a global experiment never witnessed in three quarters of a century.

Your rights to freedom are being removed at an alarming rate. This article, from Children’s Health Defence Europe, explains what further rights have been taken away from you, should you get to cross the channel again, with the legalisation of new types of passport controls in the form of the Digital Green Certificate (DGC) and Passenger Locator Forms (PLFs). It also explains what you have lost in personal choice and bodily integrity regarding the right to refuse medicines and treatment if you wish.

It’s not that you can’t travel anymore. The State will still let you travel—in return for certain permissions. Before you can move, you will let the State do things to your body; conduct an unsanitary test or administer an experimental gene therapy for example—whether or not you are sick. Then, as you begin to move, the State will track and imprison you as it sees fit.

That unsanitary test may well contain Darpa Hydrogel and lithium which attach to the pineal gland, producer of serotonin, the happiness hormone, thus causing disturbance of crystals in the magnetic field of the pineal gland. What it says is that the hollow fibres in the swab, patented by DARPA, “disrupt the epithelium (surface layer) on the mucosa, thereby also their breakage and subsequent leaching of the fiber content”

The article does not mention 5G, or the magnetic fields in 5G phones, or magnetic components in modern computers.

It does speculate that people may be controlled electonically from one of these tests you are made to take even if you are well.

I remember the beautiful old city of Bratislava, with its cobbled roads, and thank the scientists there for alerting us to possibilities of further loss of freedom and further control measures.

4 thoughts on “Losing it. Your freedom on the line. Are you being controlled?

  1. Nice one John, and all well put. I cycled in my younger days on a Raleigh ‘Super Lenton’, fixed wheel – 17 cog – we managed 100 miles a day with no problems.

    But to the doctors. I must be blessed because our surgery: ‘Park Practice’ in Shepton Mallet, Somerset uses an on;line enquiry form which works amazingly well. For non urgent stuff, the doctor calls back and we discuss the problem. It is a great improvement over the old system of making an appointment and then waiting for hours because the doc has got behind schedule.

    So not all bad – but the stats are frightening – thanks for these.


    1. Thanks for your comment AP, For younger people like yourself online enquiries might be acceptable. But for older people who prefer traditional methods, and the many millions of people without computers, this is a non-starter. Diagnosis over a computer or by telephone has limited potential and doctor-patient confidentiality goes out the window. For me, we must resist this push to get everyone hooked into the system electronically.


      1. Oops – I,m 76 John! Maybe I didn’t make it clear.

        The doctors don’t diagnose over the net – it’s just to report a problem and they ring you back within a day or two. You can then make an appointment if they need to see you. Saves all the hanging on – on the telephone etc.

        All of my oldie friends use the internet.- but then we are in a rural area where there is lots of support, clubs etc.I don’t use smart phones though and i avoid social media like the plague.

        I just love your blog and often reference your excellent articles on my weekly Letter to my American readers: https://www.theburningplatform.com/author/austrian-peter/

        Keep up the good work!


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