The vaccine war of 2021

Two days ago the personal testimonies of deaths from various vaccines were posted on this blog gleaned from a site now taken down by Facebook. This censorship is everywhere.

Four days ago I handed this blog over to Doctors for Covid Ethics (D4CE) for an article which blew out of the water any ideas that vaccination against Covid-19 with experimental vaccines can be in any way good for humankind. Shortly after it was published on the Medium hosting service it was removed without any explanation as to why.

Thankfully today that article has been re-published for a wider readership on the OffGuardian website – one of the few publishing outlets that is fearless in providing a voice for the truth.

That same day notification arrived that another champion of truth, Dr. Joseph Mercola, had been threatened and forced to take down content which referred to Covid-19, vitamins C and D, and Zinc.

By now people ought to be able to see what is happening. If they cannot they might be advised to take a look at Craig Murray, who is having to defend himself in a ludicrous “jigsaw identification” case which would have been laughed out of court twenty years ago.

Craig Murray has campaigned on behalf of many people, perhaps his most enduring campaign has been on behalf of Julian Assange, who as testimony to the accuracy of this blog-post languishes in prison for telling the truth.

Our establishment does not want people to hear the truth. Unfortunately the establishment is in control. That is why so many people are walking around in masks and going for their jabs like good little girls and boys.

The folly of this ignorance is observed by the wise.

I have been proud to publish the D4CE article until OffGuardian could give it the global coverage it deserves. Make no mistake about it – we are at war. Some of us are with the resistance. The others get vaccinated and wear masks.

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  1. Yes, it seems to me that an undeclared war is being waged against general populations by power elites.


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