Doctors say “No” to Vaccine Passports – Instruct your MEP to do the same

On 28 April 2021 the European Parliament makes a decision on the issue of vaccine passports. Some of the most distinguished medical experts, scientists and lawyers are concerned about this ill-advised political intrusion into their specialist territories. As a result Doctors For COVID Ethics (D4CE) have collectively served notice of liability on all MEPs pointing to their liability under the Nuremberg Code regarding medical experimentation.

This comes against a background of short-term deaths, which are increasing at an alarming rate, and associated with the four vaccines. By 10 April 2021 deaths stood at 6,662. Even by the European Medicines Agency’s own figures a week later that number had increased by more than 1,100. This is despite at least two of the vaccines, Oxford/AstraZeneca and Pfizer/BioNTech, having been suspended in certain European countries.

Figures are from European Medicines Agency (Eudradiligence) while the above graphic comes courtesy of Health Impact News, whose editor, Brian Shilhavy, has broken down deaths and serious injuries for the individual vaccines together with assumed side effects from the four experimental jabs. For detailed information click the Health Impact News link. In brief totals are:




Oxford/Astra Zeneca












Doctors for Covid Ethics are serious in getting these discriminatory passports stopped on ethical grounds, regardless of what inducements might have been offered to individual MEPs. Emer Cooke, as executive director of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), has been served notice three times of her liability.

The prime concern, though by no means the only one, is cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) – to you and me blood-clots in the brain – which doctors believe are being under-reported to the EMA for all four gene-based vaccines. Symptoms include: severe headaches, nausea and vomiting, impaired consciousness, speech, hearing or vision impairment and loss of motor-control.

Specialist doctors from D4CE believe figures reported by EMA are only a percentage of actual deaths, likewise for serious reactions. It is of particular concern that post-mortems are not being performed. According to D4CE a “deafening silence” ensues from coroners and pathologists, who also have a duty under the law. Thus the following requests for disclosures were made of Emer Cooke’s agency last week on 20 April 2021.

1) the effects of the gene-based vaccines on fertility in women of child bearing age, and in men

2) the number of cremations performed since and including 8 December 2020 and the number of burials since and including 8 December 2020 of those recorded as having died from COVID-19 on their death certificates, not necessarily in the European Union

3) the medical justification for the interval between the two Pfizer injections being increased at short notice from 3 weeks to 12 weeks, despite protests from Pfizer that they only possessed data for a three week interval

4) the medical justification for “mixing and matching” of different gene-based vaccines and

5) the medical justification for depriving recipients of the gene-based vaccines, in at least one European Union member state, of knowledge of which gene-based vaccine they have received.

As early as 1 March 2021 a warning was issued by D4CE to the European Medicines Agency that blood disorders including clotting and bleeding would be a likely consequence of the gene-based vaccines. No sooner had this warning been issued than a number of European member states suspended the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine for those very reasons. The message has not changed.

“Misleading populations into accepting investigational agents such as the gene-based COVID-19 ‘vaccines’, or coercing them through ‘vaccine passports’, constitutes clear and egregious violations of the Nuremberg Code”

Contact your MEP and tell him/her not to vote for vaccine passports

You can send them the above blog-piece or all Doctors for Covid Ethics letters.

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