7 vaccine questions NIMS failed to answer

The NHS National Immunisation Management Services (NIMS) is almost impossible to find as a separate entity for handling vaccination queries. Yet this body is responsible for the drive to get everybody vaccinated with untested life-threatening vaccines.

Having been harassed perpetually to get a Covid-19 vaccination amounting to 2 text messages, 4 letters and 5 telephone calls I was getting quite annoyed by the time Mr. Sid Patel phoned on Wednesday 10 February. He got the sharp end of my tongue.

I told him that this harassment was beyond reasonable and that he and others trying to get me vaccinated in a global experiment on human beings were breaking the Nuremberg Code by this onslaught. I further told him that at the Nuremberg Trials “only obeying orders” was not an admissible plea.

It seemed to shock him and he asked if I would like to speak to a clinician as he did not have medical knowledge. My answer was a most emphatic yes.

“It’s a bit late but would you like to speak to one now?”

I thought it wasn’t too late for him to phone. It was about 7 p.m.

“Yes,” I answered.

“I’ll see what I can do.”

He told me it might be tomorrow. Nobody got back that night or the next day and it occurred to me they may not.

However, on Friday 12 February I did get a call from a clinician. Her name was Dee Power.

My message to her was that I was sick of being pestered to take a vaccine which had been untested. She told me she was a nurse and went into some spiel about how her children had been vaccinated with the MMR jab because as a child she got mumps and it had left her deaf in one ear.

Although I was sorry to learn that I pointed out it was diversionary. These vaccines have not been tested, the full path of the virus has not been isolated in clinical conditions, people were testing positive with a test that had no credibility for diagnostic purposes and that it was an experiment on the British public. I went on for about twenty minutes. Most of my arguments can be found on this blog.

I asked her to give me evidence, proper medical evidence, that what I had explained to her was wrong. She said she would find it and send it to me. I gave her my email address even though I know they have all that information already. She offered no counter-arguments to my reasons for not taking the jab. And she did acknowledge that there had been some adverse reactions to the vaccines.

Worn down she told me she had to talk to others.

“You don’t need to have the jab if you don’t want.”

She was telling me something I already knew.

“But it is not just me. It is other people. Those who have not been properly informed of the risks – short-term or long-term – in line with the Nuremberg protocol. Now will you promise to find me credible medical evidence to the questions I’ve asked?”

“Yes,” she said.

“Let’s make sure you have the questions.” I listed the following:

Can you get me actual proof that the full path of virus has been isolated in clinical conditions?

Can you get me proper medical proof that the vaccines work?

Can you get me genuine clinical proof that the PCR test works as a diagnostic tool for this virus?

Can you tell me how many amplifications are being used in the PCR test to diagnose COVID-19?

Can you give me medical or scientific evidence that the wearing of masks stops the spread of the virus?

Can you give me medical or scientific evidence that social-distancing stops the spread of the virus?

Can you give me medical or scientific evidence that lockdowns stop the spread of the virus?

She promised she would get me that proof. I have heard nothing. There is no argument from my point of view that this should not be readily available. The whole country is being vaccinated on evidence from the Chief Scientific Officer, Sir Patrick Vallance, and the Chief Medical Officer, Professor Christopher Whitty. So where is it?

All this is a sham. The country is being hoodwinked into putting their lives at risk for a virus that, if it can be fully isolated, should by now have run its course. People are dying or suffering major adverse reactions, and you can find evidence all over this blog. Yet you cannot find answers to perfectly ordinary questions that everybody should be asking.

Nobody telephones me any more.

But my questions have gone unanswered.


Disclaimer: The quotes in this post are not verbatim but they would check out favourably against any taped record. The questions were written down during the telephone conversation.

13 thoughts on “7 vaccine questions NIMS failed to answer

  1. John – another excellent Blog post – succinct and clear. I am only in my late 40s but I am being pressured at work via email to “get vaccinated quick” by the numpties in our HR department. I will be deploying your questions if you don’t mind.


  2. John, delightfully hardcore, you are my kind of man and I pray I perform as well as you did when the time comes! God bless you


  3. John, you are right. I wondered about the extent of the get the vacc harassment ignored by the media. So far I have only had two letters. I don’t have a phone (don’t need one and it is paying to have a nuisance in the house). I used to have an email account – at the library which I can’t access due to lockdown, and after the first lockdown I got locked out of my account I suppose because I hadn’t accessed it for months. So I expect the harassing emails are going there. It is a shame how these very convenient tools have been turned into dog leads for the population ( and you don’t have their phone numbers/emails so you can annoy them back. Don’t let the bastrds wear you down.

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    1. I like your policy of not having a phone. I am using mine less and less. I go on line less and less. The last blog-post I wrote about children being masked to go to school was restricted. I sent it via Facebook to lots of people. The message went but not the article. It is so time-consuming and disheartening. But now I know of this other capability they have.

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      1. I took out an iPad contract in 2013. The problems I had were unbelievable culminating in huge data loss/theft – I was paying for a month but only getting one week’s use, so naturally I cancelled. After that I used the library computers with no problems. The extent of the problems makes it unlikely they were just random glitches and the effect was frustrating and time wasting. I expect that was the intention.
        Now I am on an anonymous iPad with no contract regularly reset. But my search history has vanished and on WordPress I have lost Reader and the tag function no longer works. It feels like sabotage/harassment.
        But the downside of our modern techs are becoming evident.
        All the best – Con


  4. Reblogged this on Citizens and commented:
    Even when you don’t have a tv you will be hounded until you get a licence. Even when you don’t need a vaccination you will be hounded until you get one.

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  5. They will force everyone to be injected, one way or another.

    Anyone with a brain can see that their agenda all along was to inject everyone with their ‘vaccines’ – and that Covid 19 and the ‘Corona crisis’ was created as a means to achieve that objective.

    They will keep on announcing new ‘variants’ for years to come – making trillions of dollars on the way for Bill Gates, Big Pharma and all of the politicians and media bosses they have cut in for a piece of the action.

    It’s very difficult not to conclude that this is the beginning of the end for humanity – especially when the people driving this horror show are openly fanatically committed to ‘transhumanism’ – changing humanity to be mixed with technology. And how better to achieve that than an endless succession of fake ‘vaccines’ to change the DNA of all humanity, while the proceed towards the great cull of most of us?

    They control all centers of power, all media and all governments. There literally is nothing to prevent them doing whatever they want – and they know it.

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    1. I feel doing nothing is not the answer. While I agree they own the media and the media lies Hitler was in charge of Germany for many years. It took a war to end his reign. We are at war now and each must decide who’s side he or she is on Richard. Don’t give up mate.


  6. There were powerful countries lined up against Hitler and Germany.

    The fact that almost every government on earth already signed the UN’s and WEF’s ‘Great Reset’ plan – without the peoples of any of those countries even knowing that! – illustrates how global their control is, and how the national governments are loyal to the globalists, and not to their own people.


      1. Me too John. Resistance, even unto death (frankly, especially so, with the name of Jesus Christ on our lips) is the solution to this great evil. Has been so for two millennia and also beforehand – the Maccabees come to mind. It’s the one thing that the Gates’ and Schwab’s of this world cannot reckon.


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