Lynda Thyer released on bail

At last an item of good news which I, and I guess many others, missed. At the end of January Lynda Thyer was released from the Fleury-Mérogis prison on the outskirts of Paris.

In my last blog post I wrote of the way she, and David Noakes, had been mistreated, unaware then that she had been released on bail.

Hardly anybody knows about the almost secret extraditions of Lyn Thyer and David Noakes at the behest of the UK government and Big Pharma-owned MHRA for trying to save the lives of terminally-ill cancer patients. Yes, that is the same MHRA that is currently pushing several experimental vaccines to drastically reduce the population in an unprecedented attack on our most vulnerable old people.

She is not totally out of the woods yet but things look very promising that there is no case to answer. Indeed there never was. Towards the end of last year I tried to make the persecution of Lynda Thyer by Big Pharma public knowledge.

I am so pleased now to be able to report that she is no longer in prison. In this video her brother, Trevor Banks, talks to Ramola D, who has campaigned long and hard for Lynda Thyer. He talks of the new advocate the defence has engaged, Olivier Foret – not sure about the spelling. Here is the video link again.

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