BBC Muslim doctor engages in mainstream genocide

This morning, Dr Nighat Arif, a resident GP on BBC news, who is building a strong reputation as a government shill, propagates the mainstream genocide message over vaccines. She encourages the Muslim population to get stabbed with these untested concoctions.

There are three things that she says she asks herself about a vaccine. Is it available? Is it effective? Is it safe?

On this morning’s BBC Breakfast she asked those questions but chose not to answer them.

So I have another question for her. How much Dr Nighat Arif? How much are they paying you to promote this nonsense in the face of facts? I suspect she will keep quiet on this too.

Facts are what the BBC carefully avoids. That is left to those of us at war with the establishment promoting the ongoing genocide. Here are some more facts.

Christian care-worker on murder of the elderly

James, who unlike Dr. Arif is likely to lose his job, cannot stay silent on what has happened in the care-home in which he works. Throughout the whole of 2020 very few of the residents at the home where he works as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) were diagnosed with the virus and none of them died.

After taking the untested Pfizer mRNA vaccine 14 died within a fortnight. Others, with whom he used to converse, can no longer talk. Others, who were formally mobile, can no longer walk.

Those who died are being recorded as COVID-19 deaths. Administrators at the care-home ascribe deaths to a super-spreader. As James notes if that were true why is the virus not contained to one floor of the home? The deaths have occurred on three floors.

A few patients in the home refused the vaccine. They have had no problems.

James is a lay-preacher. He has a message for fellow care-workers who remain silent when they know what is going on.

“The essential purpose of your work is to save lives.”

So many deaths recorded on CDC website

In the US, which started vaccinating before the UK, there have been countless deaths following a procedure which is allegedly given to protect against COVID-19.

The above page is one example. Records include:

“Patient was vaccinated at 11.00 am and was found at the facility in his room deceased at approximately 3.00 pm. Nurse did not have cause of death.”

“1-2-2021 10-30 PM Complained Right arm/back hurt – took Tylenol 1-3-2021 Complained Right arm hurt, dizzy 1-4-2021 Felt better – did laundry, daughter found her deceased at 3.30. Dr at hospital said it was a “cardiac event” according to death certificate.”

Or something as simple as:


with no details – except the knowledge that the patient had been vaccinated prior to death.

The above page contains 35 deaths following vaccination. It covers a few days and there are pages and pages of these deaths.

The BBC, for which Dr. Nighat Arif appears to have total loyalty, has not mentioned any deaths or adverse reactions. Neither did she. She mentioned people making adverse comments about her which was hurtful. This is news likely to prevent sensible people from taking the vaccines.

Let me tell you Dr. Arif the hurt you feel from adverse comments is nothing compared to the hurt of family loss from the genocidal vaccines you are promoting.

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