Yet more COVID-19 Pfizer-related deaths and an important vaccine study in children

Readers of this blog will be aware that there was a time when people living in England could not recover from COVID-19. Then miraculously in one day 1.365 million recovered. It is not credible, of course, that such an event happened and unfathomable from where this figure was suddenly plucked. Such is the mysterious way in which the UK government baffles its electorate. Most likely we are not being told if a person who received any of the untested vaccines has died. Not so Norway.

As I write Norway, which is informing its population, has announced 23 fatalities of inhabitants who have taken the vaccine, 13 of whose deaths have been directly linked to the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine.

With COVID-19 vaccines dead virus cells are not injected into the patient as in traditional vaccination. What happens now is that patients are injected with messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) comprising synthetic molecules which instruct cells to create antibodies. That is the theory. Yet not a single mRNA vaccine has ever been proved effective and what we are witnessing is a global experiment, on an unprecedented scale, against the uninformed elderly and medical staff – obedient sheep to the slaughter.

Vaccine research

In research funded by public donation it has been found that unvaccinated children are half as likely to get attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) than vaccinated children. The ten-year study included children born 1 June 2008 to 27 January 2019 and involved 2,763 vaccinated children as opposed to 561 unvaccinated. As the research continued less and less families were having their children vaccinated which means that overall the unvaccinated group in the sample was younger.

Using conservative analysis vaccinated children were 5 times more likely to get asthma, 6.5 times more likely to get allergic rhinitis, 4 times more likely to get sinusitis, 4.5 times more likely to get eczema and in none of the ailments studied were the vaccinated group shown to be more healthy than the unvaccinated group.

While the research calls for further study its findings are significant.

We can conclude that the unvaccinated children in this practice are not, overall, less healthy than the vaccinated and that indeed the vaccinated children appear to be significantly less healthy than the unvaccinated.

As vaccine manufacturers are ever keen to tell us elderly people do die. While this is true Big Pharma has never admitted links to its products without a lawsuit. Anybody on any medication whatsoever should not take the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine. Stage III trials will not be completed till 2023 making any subject, whether on medication or not, a guinea pig.

If our government can keep secret from the public for 9 months the fact that people can recover from COVID-19 it is hardly likely to tell us if anyone who has taken a vaccine for the virus has subsequently died. It seems highly unlikely that up to now, of the millions of elderly they claim have been vaccinated, not one of them has passed away.

Please, if you know of anybody who has had a Covid vaccination, and subsequently died, let me know, with details of the case, via the contact form.

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  1. “As vaccine manufacturers are ever keen to tell us elderly people do die.”

    A sentiment which became blasphemous when applied to those who (allegedly) died of covid.


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