God’s miracle – 1.365 million recover from Covid-19 in a single day

The Russian poet, Georgy Ivanov, in Disintegration of the Atom (Распад Атома) ponders over the “brilliance of false miracles, one by one, enchanting and disenchanting the world, and about the one reliable miracle. . .”

о сиянии ложных чудес, поочередно очаровывавших и разочаровывавших мир, и о единственном достоверном чуде . . .

Over the Christmas period God worked his wonders through All the Goss which reported late last year that nobody in England can recover from COVID-19. Voila! A miracle happened.

On 6 January 2021 an amazing 1,364,821 people, nearly half of so-called “confirmed” cases recovered from COVID-19 in a single day.

Last year, nobody could recover in England. They could in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. But not in England. Why was that?

What goes on in the minds of the Bozos and Bojos of this world, who try to convince thinking people that a virus can disappear at 10.00 p.m., and when the virus has actually disappeared for good, get everyone vaccinated against it, is beyond the comprehension of mere mortals.

High-salaried gurus in government think-tanks must have come up with an idea that if nobody recovered from COVID-19 then everybody who died from any cause could be recorded as a COVID-19 death. But that was before a vaccine was available.

The problem with previous thinking was that now these untested vaccines are available – killing and maiming people right, left and centre – there need to be signs of recovery or people will refuse to take the vaccine.

It would appear they never thought of that when they were falsely bumping up the death-rates from a manufactured virus with their “get COVID-19 and you’ve got it for life” philosophy. Other countries had thought this through, apart from Turkey, which had its own single-day spike in December.

God, through All the Goss – which all government personnel, cads and cadre, must read to find out what’s actually going on in the world – demonstrated that to have no recoveries would be bad for their Oxford AstraZenica vaccine which is currently being administered to the elderly in what looks like a mass attempt to finish them all off.

Ivanov warns that to perform a miracle is a thing of the past and that it is not possible to present the falsity of art as truth.

Но чуда уже сотворить нельзя – ложь искусства нельзя выдать за правду.

Spin-merchants beware! God is watching you.

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