New laptops for old – a cautionary tale from the Arabian Nights

Everybody knows the story from 1001 Arabian Nights of the poor Chinese boy Aladdin and his magic lamp. It tells how the boy is trapped in a cave where the lamp is kept. A magician sent Aladdin into the cave because he craved the lamp and its power. But it must come to him second-hand.

Having been trapped for days Aladdin refuses to part with the lamp. When he rubs the lamp a genie appears who can grant him wishes. Later when the magician learns Aladdin has escaped with the lamp he pretends to be a merchant crying in the streets “Old lamps for new. Old lamps for new.”

This morning there has been a call from the BBC, and presumably other MSM channels, for old laptops for deprived children. This is not for the first time. You have got to question anything MSM does and particularly anything warmonger Tony Blair puts his backing behind.

The Tony Blair Foundation is a great money-making racket and nobody knows the total wealth of this evil man because it is tied up in such a convoluted financial manner for tax avoidance and other obfuscations it is impossible to get the details.

Of course, in the twenty-first century there might be deprived children who do not have a laptop or tablet at home. In that case, if you know of of a deprived child, and you have a spare computer, by all means pass it on. But not through these “charities”.

What is the real reason the magnanimous media are calling old computers in for recycling? I believe it is to do with surveillance. With older computers, running older operating systems, there is not as much spyware and monitoring you is not so easy.

Older computers are safer for the end user. They are more reliable and not subject to the interminable Windows updates over which the user has no control.

My guess is when these recycled computers, from which they want donors to remove all data, go to the “needy” they will have any previous operating system removed and Windows 10 installed. Then the end-user is well and truly stuffed. All modern computers have hard-coded chips which make running open-source operating systems vulnerable to infiltration from the spies (mostly government spies). It is all part of the control which gets worse daily.

Keep hold of your laptops, tablets and other computers if they come from the first decade of the 21st century and are in good working order. These are much superior to what is being produced today, with less harmful magnetic fields. And for heaven’s sake don’t upgrade from Windows XP or even Windows 7.

You should not get updates for such operating systems because they are no longer supported. Keep the original operating system disks and any software disks you have purchased.

Better still load Linux Mint or another open source operating system on them. Then they’re stuffed. Not you.

Mainstream media does not make global appeals for nothing. Question everything.

However, if any recipient of the recycled laptops and tablets still has the original operating system installed after distribution from the “charities” please let me know. I very much doubt it.

As with Aladdin’s lamp the old ones are the best. Get rid of an old computer and you are getting rid of a friend who can help protect you, Think carefully before you do.

3 thoughts on “New laptops for old – a cautionary tale from the Arabian Nights

  1. And they might check out the computers for any personal data they contain. That was a criminal scam a few years back. Totally agree. Several years ago I had an iPad contract and the problems I had were so many it was with relief when the contract ended. Up until Covid year I only used library computers. Then my landlord put Wi-fi into the house. I bought a first generation iPad which does not take upgrades nor downloads and is entirely anonymous – and I intend keeping it that way – and, no problems.


  2. Thanks John, I hope so. It is annoying the way authorities have seized the opportunity presented by computerisation to attempt to include computerisation in every device so that they can exercise remote surveillance and control, turning electrical machines otherwise useful into liabilities. Obviously not happening by accident.


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