France manufactured SARS-COV-2 – Time is running out – Wake up!

This video can save your life.

Unfortunately my WordPress plan does not allow me to embed it, so to see it you need to click on the word video in this sentence or the previous one.

For anyone unable to watch it, or those who prefer to have the facts in written form, here is a summary.

The above illustration alone shows the real danger of being vaccinated against SARS-COV-2. It is a man-made virus which played itself out in April 2020. Yet for some reason there is a mad rush to get us all vaccinated with an untested man-made vaccine designed to alter your natural RNA/DNA.

The purpose is control.

5G is the medium for control. So as well as vaccines being rushed out 5G transmitters have been popping up everywhere like mushrooms – especially near to schools in order to control our children and future generations too.

I am including links here which might help people begin to understand what the big plan is, even though sometimes it is like banging my head against a brick wall. Some are in French. They are the work of dedicated scientists which include: Professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan, Doctor Christian Tal Schaller, Doctor Serge Rader and Frédéric Chaumont.

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  1. John

    If you wish to get this to a larger audience could I suggest you put it on Alex Belfield’s Youtube channel.

    If vanilla had a Youtube channel it would be Alex’s but he is very popular with the public and generates lots of comments.

    Black Forest


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