Anya Zenn, we’re tired of your bullshit

Anya Zenn is sole administrator of a Facebook group called “BBC We’re really tired of your bullshit”. As I am tired of BBC bullshit too I, quite recently, joined the group. This weekend the following dialogue took place between Anya, who claims to be a journalist, and myself.

Since the last comment at 15.21 today, and perhaps even before, I have not been able to access “”BBC We’re really tired of your bullshit”. So instead of waiting to see if I might post something which contravenes an agenda with no sensible rationale, she banned me anyway.

Neither can I access Anya’s FB profile. I did however take a look at it yesterday and notice we have mutual friends and share pro-Palestinian and anti-hunting cause philosophies. Where we differ is that I allow debate – even if I don’t agree with it. Anya does not have time to debate with anyone who has an alternative viewpoint to hers.

So much for free speech. As if it is not bad enough, that social media platforms, which like mainstream media platforms (including the BBC, are owned by people with an agenda, are forever banning alternative opinion. Anya might not realise it but she is one of the obstacles preventing getting the truth out. If she, and others like her, do not wake up there will never again be the opportunity to protest against Israeli abuses in Palestine, or foxhunting abuses on your doorstep. She will end up a transhuman whose every movement is dictated by those who have engineered this bullshit.

Anya, I urge you, to watch the above video. It is a financier, Catherine Austin Fitts, who knows what the finance industry is about. It could save your life – and the lives of those you love.

I forgive you for banning me from your group without having any just cause.

2 thoughts on “Anya Zenn, we’re tired of your bullshit

  1. John, I believe the term is “limited hangout”. Limited hangouts are controlled by entities with a PR problem as a means of providing fake opposition whilst preventing the livestock from straying off-reservation into the wilds of crazed conspiracy nuts. Like me LOL!


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