Animal Farm come to life

Today I am urging all my readers to consider an article just published by Kit Knightly co-editor of OffGuardian. It is indicative of what is happening in our emerging fascist world. You may have noticed that the slogan during summer was Hands, Face, Space – catchy as the Soviet: Bread, Peace, Land – but now winter is upon us the addition of “open a window” or “door” has become an essential extra.

As there are not enough COVID-19 dead to indicate any pandemic they are trying to kill the elderly by other means. Open a window – freeze to death. Open a door – let in the latest coronavirus with its hallmark “Made in Wuhan”.

When we were children pop-up books were all the rage. You opened the book and cut-out images sprung towards you. Farms and farm animals were a popular theme. It seemed amazing how the pop-up books sprung to life. Farms were more of the Old MacDonald, or Farmer Giles, type than anything as allegorically political as Orwell’s Animal Farm. That would come later in our education.

Everyone knows Animal Farm is ultimately about the failings of the Soviet System, with, if I remember the pigs correctly, Old Major representing Lenin, Napoleon representing Stalin, Snowball representing Trotsky and the ignominious Squealer representing that politician concerned only with feathering his own bed. As a story on its own it works well and could be applied to any country or community waging power-struggles from within. Towards the end of Animal Farm the pigs have established a healthy life for themselves by subjugating the other farm animals – who are too dumb to see what’s going on – and the workhorse, Boxer, who made the revolution possible by his strength, is sent to the knackers’ yard.

Originally the dream society – like Claus Shwab is trying to sell now – was egalitarian. Little by little the pigs start behaving more like the farmer and his family before them. They have their commandments that: all animals are equal; animals can only walk on four legs; animals can’t sit in chairs or sleep in beds. Eventually the commandments get changed but the sheep are too stupid to notice that short phrases like “except pigs” have been added to the “No animal can . . .” commandments and the endearing, prophetic and quotable addition which has imprinted itself in the annals of English Literature: ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL – BUT SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS.

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Wake up. This is happening before your eyes.

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