Getting better – not if Boris has his way

“And how are you today? Are you feeling all right?”

“Couldn’t feel better, Doc. Thanks.”

“Good. Good. But you do realise it hasn’t gone away.”

“No, I feel great.”

“Unfortunately this is one of those illnesses you can never get out of your system.”

“Look, Doctor, I feel better than I did. Even before I got it.”

“That, though, is the nature of COVID-19. It lies in wait.”

“How do you mean ‘lies in wait’?”

“What I mean is the virus lies dormant waiting to strike.”

“Waiting to strike?”

“Yes. One day it will kill you.”

“Oh, my God. How long have I got?”

“That’s something the medical world cannot predict. It could be days.”


“Yes, some people die within days of contracting it. Others take weeks, months or even years, we suspect. That’s not been established yet. But we do know you are going to die from it. Of that we are sure.”

“Die from it?”

“Yes. . . You look a little pale. Are you all right?”

“I’m concerned about how long I have left.”

“Don’t worry about it. Worrying won’t help. There are vaccines now to stop you getting it.”

“But, I’ve already got it.”

“Anyway, try not to worry. It could be years before you die. . . Next please.”


England – no recovery

A deserted Golden Mile at Blackpool

In mid-July this year the Spectator republished an article by Professors Yoon K Loke and Carl Heneghan entitled Why no one can ever recover from Covid-19 in England. It begins by contrasting the “relentless daily toll of more than a hundred Covid-associated deaths” and contrasts it with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland “where there are days with no Covid-associated deaths whatsoever.”

Johns Hopkins University figures up to yesterday (17/12/2020) show that in the UK there have been 66,150 deaths from 1,954,311 positive tests (3.38%) while in Ireland there have been 2,143 deaths from 77,678 positive tests (2.75%). No great anomaly there. The anomaly comes with the recovered figure.

In Ireland 23,364 (30%) have recovered while in the UK only 4,133 (0.2%) have recovered. Bearing in mind that nobody recovers in England all those recoveries must be from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Having established that there are countries (the vast majority of them in fact) where you can recover let’s take a look at a handful.

Today, Vladimir Lukashenko lights a candle in the temple of St Elizabeth convent in MInsk

If you recall Belarus did not lock down, did not enforce mask-wearing, social distancing or curfews. From 970,758 positive tests there were 16,848 deaths (1.73%) and 582,457 recoveries (60%).

Count the face masks! (Above pictures courtesy of Севодня – Today in English)

Herd immunity seems to be working well in Belarus, as it always has with viruses everywhere, but the UK government does not want people to recover and live normal lives. Living normal lives does not support the agenda of control which empowers the likes of Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson.


Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor
Early December. Some with masks, some without. No one social-distancing. Courtesy: Bolsa De Noticias Grupoese

Nicaragua is another country that did not lock down. Its record is better than that of Belarus. Out of 5,938 who have tested positive for COVID-19 there have been 163 deaths (2.74%). Recoveries have been an impressive 4,225 (71%).


School vaudeville 4 December 2020. (Courtesy: Sankei Shimbun)

You might be forgiven for thinking that Japan is out on its own in controlling the “killer” virus. Like the UK it is an island and like the UK has pockets of densely populated areas. The only difference is its alternative policy on lockdowns, social distancing and other evils we in the west have to endure.

From 193,744 positive tested subjects only 2,708 have died (1.4%) and even more impressive is the recovery (which we in England do not have). 160,630 of those providing positive tests have recovered. That’s a stunning 83%. Suzuki Kasuto gives some thoughts here on why Japan has fared so well without lockdowns. But even Japan cannot compare with China’s recoveries even though it’s death-rate is not as bad as China’s.


The Daily Mail has many photos showing how Wuhan has got back to normal.

China, where allegedly the virus was manufactured with the help of USA experts, has the most impressive record of all. From 94,804 who tested positive, 4,762 have died (5%). A massive 88,524 have recovered (94%).

This indicates that the virus SARS-CoV-2 in China has become the ghost of Christmas past.

Back in England – where nobody recovers

In recent months daily cases of COVID-19 have gone up alarmingly – proportional to the number of tests being recorded. In the most serious stage, between March and April, hardly any tests were done. As soon as the virus had run its course our government started using the totally unreliable RT-PCR test. Figures then started to soar. Yesterday in the Austrian parliament, Michael Schnedlitz MP, performed a PCR test on a sample of Coca Cola “so you can see how worthless and misguided these mass tests are” he said. Some of us have been saying the very same thing for months.

Well done those of you who spotted that the featured image at the top of the post indeed came from the inside of a tomato and has nothing to do with COVID-19 other than the fact that it would in all probability test positive for the virus. There’s not much chance of you falling for the nonsense.

10 thoughts on “Getting better – not if Boris has his way

  1. Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a Genevan philosopher, writer and political Enlightenment figure.
    In his book The Social Contract he wrote “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains. One man thinks himself the master of others, but remains more of a slave than they are.”

    Increasingly, national “leaders” are simply those that can most easily be controlled by those at the top.
    They are mere puppets.
    Mindless pawns complicit in the Banana Republics.
    They are about as far from individually strong & sovereign as one can be.

    The Medieval movement of Scholasticism was a pseudo-philosophy.
    it was designed by the wealthy & all-powerful Church to promulgate their theology.
    It is often considered as one of the worst & most fallacious philosophical movements, by true Thinkers.
    It essentially created the University/College academic degree “qualification” system.
    A system designed to lend credibility to those institutions and individuals that supported the Church’s ideologies.
    These awarding institutions and degree recipients were not true experts, they were simply supporters of a wholly-corrupted system.
    They were simply “Yes Men”, those unwilling to question authority or conventional narratives.

    Prior to every Renaissance, Enlightenment and such have been periods of “Darkness”, times of vast ignorance.
    Prior to the Classical Period (Classical Antiquity) of the great Greek & Roman civilizations (which produced Cicero, Cato the Younger, Plato, Socrates, et al), there was the Greek Dark Ages.

    Prior to the Renaissance and Enlightenment periods there was the “Dark Ages” of the Medieval Period.

    In seemingly cyclical fashion, each of these periods of Renaissance and Enlightenment have similarly eventually devolved back into that “Darkness”.
    Back to mass ignorance, vast concentrations of wealth & power, reductions in humanist thoughts and attitudes, dissolution of arts, culture, diversity, individualism, etc.

    The Age of Enlightenment was a movement of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.
    It produced a large number of truly great Thinkers.
    Thinkers that were often persecuted, and prosecuted, for their divergence, individualism, humanism, and abilities to transcend the mindless banalities of the pop-cultures and false authorities/false narratives of their time.

    In that seeming cyclical fashion, that previous Age of Enlightenment is quickly devolving back to the “Darkness” from whence it emerged & escaped.

    We are again seeing those vast concentrations of wealth and power, those reductions in humanist thoughts, that dissolution of arts, culture, diversity, individualism, etc.
    We are again seeing a devolution into “Darkness” – entering the “Dark Ages” of the 21st century.
    As more people simply accept what they are told to accept, without question.

    People are again forgetting the wisdoms of the ages, and addicted to the entertaining shadows in the Plato’s Caves in which they reside.
    They are largely shunning the written and recorded knowledge of times past, in favor of the mindless entertainments & clichés of the present.

    We are seeing national “leaders” and “experts” promoted and revered simply for their obedience to renewed wholly-corrupted systems.

    But there is no strength, nor greatness in blind obedience.
    True leaders don’t lead people into “Darkness”.
    True genius spawns from eccentricity (every great idea was once rejected as eccentric).

    Philosopher, Writer, Thinker Denis Diderot was another Enlightenment era figure.
    Diderot wrote “Gaiety is a quality of ordinary men. Genius always presupposes some disorder in the machine.”
    Gaiety is that mindless, blind belief in false authority. It is the acceptance of official narrative, without question, or resistance.
    It is mere conformity, without thought or divergence.
    It is the inability to recognize the disorders in the machine.

    True intellect does not come just from possession of a document stating obedience to corrupted systems, nor from mere obedience to authority.
    True intellect comes from those willing to observe, witness, discover, question, experiment, create, even fail (as long as those failures lead to lessons learned, and continued attempts to succeed).

    This blog is much appreciated.
    The world needs far more people with the guts & courage to question.


    1. A wise comment indeed. Of course, those of us living in the Midlands who have knowledge of the Eighteenth century Enlightenment, are familiar with Rousseau since he paid us a visit at the invitation of David Hume and stayed near Derby. His treatise on education, Emile, let to some rather unsuccessful experiments in home education. One was Richard Lovell Edgeworth’s eldest son, who was allowed to do pretty well as he pleased, to the displeasure of society. The other was Thomas Day’s experiment to bring up two workhouse girls with the prospect of one becoming his wife. He took them to Paris where they both contracted smallpox. It was not a success, though one of them, Sabrina. went on to marry Day’s friend Bicknell, who co-authored “The Dying Negro” with Day.

      Like you say: “True intellect comes from those willing to observe, witness, discover, question, experiment, create, even fail (as long as those failures lead to lessons learned, and continued attempts to succeed).”

      Today, we are all in chains, and it will need some intellect to exctricate ourselves from them.

      Thanks for you comment.


  2. Please excuse my irrelevant comment. The latest photos of Bojo he looks terrified. Perhaps you have seen the Angel episode “Smile Time”. In it the evil demon puppets bent on world conquest have their hand inside a human who has to say what they force him to say. He also looks terrified.


    1. Yes, I’ve thought that about Boris. After all he talked about “herd immunity” before they whipped him into line. I don’t think he is positively evil, licentious perhaps, and compliant to his superiors after they gave him a dose of something. He’s never looked well since then.

      Matt Hancock is a different matter altogether. He’ll “humbug” everybody’s Christmas if he can get away with it. Thanks for reblogging!


      1. It’s like the powers behind the throne aren’t even bothering to conceal we have puppet govts. Not a good sign. Thanks for letting me post your article.


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