Tory baronet makes speech Sir Keir Starmer should be making

Sir Keir Starmer appears to have but one club in his bag. He bangs on about anti-Semitism ad infinitum in clear support of his masters. (He allegedly received £50,000 towards his leadership campaign from Jewish donors.)

Since becoming leader he has done nothing, or next to nothing, except demote left wing former Labour leadership challenger, Rebecca Long-Bailey, and former leader of the Party, Jeremy Corbyn, in due deference to those who clearly own his allegiance. He supports Boris Johnson in his dictatorial campaign to subjugate the British populace over a virus that peaked in April.

Instead any opposition to Johnson comes from a Tory member of of the house, Sir Charles Walker. It is an exceptionally good speech. It is the speech Sir Keir should be making if he had the ability or the will.

Sir Charles says what should be on the lips of every sane person. “I will not live in fear of a virus!” In the jousting of the knights Sir Charles knocked the leader of the opposition clean off his stallion – much easier when one’s opponent rides side-saddle.

Meanwhile, in the Labour camp, having nothing to say in opposition, its leader gets out his one club and nudges his fair maid, Angela Rayner, into jousting on his behalf.

To help him completely dismantle the Labour Party over the Equality and Human Rights Commission’ (EHRC), and rid it of any semblance of supporting a people’s agenda, she threatens: “If I have to suspend thousands and thousands of members, we will do that.” This statement was made at the Jewish Labour Movement’s Conference which had been arranged to coincide with the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinians. It is a no-brainer to which event that duo went.

So now we know where we stand. In solidarity I await my marching orders.

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