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More censorship – what is happening?

November 22, 2020

Another nurse has spoken out about the plandemic and what it is doing to people psychologically.

I tried to add this to medics who have spoken out on the Dr. Pascal Sacré comment thread. This is the short comment I wrote.

This is how the comment appeared without the link – which makes it nonsense.

That is not all. I have clear evidence that my blog is getting many more hits, more than ten times the amount of hits given in the blog statistics. I have tried to report this to WordPress and I await their response.

Meanwhile in Germany a doctor, Dr. Andreas Noack, has been arrested while making a livestream video talk. From the streaming it sounds like the police broke down his door. As I don’t speak German some of it is lost. But not the message.

Disturbingly this reminds me of Kafka’s “The Trial” which I read as a young man, in English of course. A man gets arrested, does not know what for, but he’s advised to plead guilty. The rest is a nightmare.

The image shows the cafe Kafka used in Prague. “Empty chairs at empty tables.”

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