The autumn fall (of masks)

On Sunday, instead of going to church, I spent half an hour cycling round the locality, looking for discarded face-masks. Five were found.

My church, All Saints, if I ever go again, is in Small Heath, Central Birmingham. Small Heath is the litter capital of Europe, perhaps even the world. This article, about waste-warriors in Small Heath, contains a picture of litter-pickers outside All Saints Church entrance. The waste warriors have a thankless task on their hands.

My Sunday spin was not round Small Heath but the leafy suburbs of South Birmingham. I guess I would probably have found twenty-five fallen masks in Small Heath – in half the time – judging by the last time I cycled there. The following photos are largely from the Hall Green area. They are presented chronologically between 12.28 pm and 13.00 pm (but in reality an hour earlier because the camera does not seem to know we put the clocks back).

The Antichrist and his disciples have deliberately made worship in church impossible. Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is responsible for not telling his flock to ignore the dictates of parliament. Instead he has been as compliant as the other sheep. Well the Good Shepherd said: “Where two or three are gathered together in my name there will I be also.” That is a message from the very top.

It is a Christian’s duty to ignore mask-wearing. In terms of health, wearing masks is not good for anyone, especially if wearing them for long periods. It is also a token of subjugation. Slaves and sex-slaves are forced to wear masks. Most important of all it is a token of ritual devil worship. The whole so-called “pandemic” has been a lie from start to finish. High-time for the High-Church to speak out.

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  1. It is so sad to see how people treat our world by incorrectly disposing of face masks. I saw a comic and shared it on SteveZMaskZ about mice going around saying they found free hammocks. But, I am sadden to see them like that. People lack responsibility today.


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