Election fraud. Is this the code?

There is an increasing number of claims that the US election has been rigged in favour of Joe Biden. President Trump has made remarks that the election should have been stopped. Does he have grounds?

For a long time, even before the election, Trump said that the Democratic Party was planning election fraud. To deal with possible fraud he engaged the Department of Homeland Security to print the ballot papers. It emerged not long after the votes came rushing in that the printed voting papers had been encrypted with a QFS block chain code.

A US voter videod her ballot paper looking at it through a x10 magnifier.

This is what she found.

Flipped still image from the video of election stub

By flipping her image looking diagonally across the middle and downwards across the ballot paper stub is the word VOTED, above that what appears to be the word ELECTION, and above that the letters SAN. Whether this is what the fraud office will be looking for I have no idea.

The watermark is supposed to be the California Poppy, CA Poppy.

The tint for the background and watermark is red PMS 192.

Non-mainstream media have been covering the QFS Block Chain encryption story for two or three days now. Here is another one.

Unsurprisingly it has not been covered by the mainstream media. If the story proves true, and I have no evidence against it, it is likely that a world currency will soon be introduced by QFS. That currency will be limited. With a limited currency dubious practices like quantitive easing, or to give it a more appropriate name, printing money, will become a thing of the past. I see such a move in a positive light.

However, the Independent sheds a different light on the story claiming that Trump has accepted defeat. Trump does not exactly say that but in the clip the Indy includes he does not appear to be his old, flamboyant self. Only time will tell which of these two stories is a true representation of what has happened in the land of the free.

2 thoughts on “Election fraud. Is this the code?

    1. Yes, I agree. This technology might be good for checking if votes are legitimate, if it can actually do that, but is a “scary” development towards the slave society in store for us if we do not rebel. Common Law, the law of the people, is the only way forward. It needs to be taken out of the hands of the super-elite, the mega-rich, and given back to We, the people. . .


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