Craig Murray’s blog – not the place it used to be

For many months I have been unable to post at Craig Murray’s blog, not under my own name, nor under a pseudonym. It has nothing to do with being offensive but because the content I post does not support the coronavirus nonsense. I am not alone. Others have been banned from posting there too. There is at least one moderator who I suspect is a government agent. I get comments from him/her like:

[ MOD: Kindly desist from using this blog for pushing your highly dubious videos. This is a blatant attempt to use the latest subject to shoe-horn your Covid-19 denialist propaganda onto the blog. Do not do this again. ]

On 8 May 2020 I wrote the following after being accused more than once of denying the existence of Covid-19. To make the comment below clear I had written previously “Now if you don’t want me to comment that’s fine. I’d rather that than have comments perpetually going into moderation because you do not agree with them.” It went into moderation with a message from, I presume another moderator, that my complaint would be looked into “to synchronise policy across the team”.

John GossMay 9, 2020 at 20:21
Your comment is awaiting moderation
I have never denied the existence of Covid-19. Not once, not ever. You are the one distorting my viewpoint. And you are not the only one. If you go back and check you will see that this is true. While “perpetually” was the wrong word I do feel somewhat victimised.
The truthfulness of links I provide are in the links themselves. If they are false, or have false statements within them, I cannot be responsible for all they contain and it gives others an opportunity to dispute them. If there are false statements I should like to be aware myself. Like you seem to believe what gets bombarded at us from morning to night, I don’t. You have that right. And so do I.

[ Mod: Hello, John. Thank you for your response.
Your grievance will be examined by a different moderator, along with your other recent comments on this topic, to assess whether you have been treated fairly and to synchronise policy across the team.
Regards. ]

On 12 May another inocuous comment went into moderation.

John GossMay 12, 2020 at 13:08
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
I believe, and your post tends to confirm this, that the main plan is to prevent social gatherings or people getting together anywhere in significant numbers where the “virus narrative” may be questioned and alternative perspectives presented. I still believe, as I did when prospects of a shutdown first started, that is[sic] is a means of controlling people. The virus is a dangerous and potential killer, particularly for the elderly and those with serious illness, but it is not a killer on the scale of a famine – which will most likely be the outcome if industry does not get going again.
I share here the blog of Dr Malcolm Kendrick, like you a Scot, whose blog I follow. His main speciality is heart disease and he has been working in care homes as well as a hospital with patients who have died from coronavirus.

[ Mod: John, your enquiry is still under consideration by the moderation team. We’re waiting on some communications, and obviously Craig has other priorities for the time being.
In the meantime, no further discussions about Covid-19 epidemiology or public health policy should be posted in the comment threads. Kindly take the debate to the discussion forum.
Thank you. ]

The discussion forum is like a naughty step where a few bad children can talk among themselves at a social distance.

Recently I commented at Craig’s blog under the pseudonym of Bob Bage (I wrote my thesis on English novelist Robert Bage d.1801 and set up a dedicated email account which I have hardly used since). I contacted Craig (at 2 email addresses to let him know I was doing this). I was able to continue commenting for about a week but my views proved so pernicious to the moderators (even though they were well-balanced and well thought out comments) that I cannot comment there now even under that moniker.

I have a theory that Craig is not allowed to run his blog unless government agents are the moderators. It was not always like that. If there was ever a discussion about the nature of my commenting – and I doubt it – the outcome was never passed on to me.

My respect for Craig Murray is undiminished. He is one of the better journalists outside of the corporate cesspool.

10 thoughts on “Craig Murray’s blog – not the place it used to be

  1. Mr Goss, being pragmatic one has to say that Mr Murray’s blog is not exactly BBC central for Covid19 news.

    The Saker actually said he would not be going to blog on Covid19 as he had no expertise and politely requested that no-one post any comments on that subject either. I thought that was a very good pragmatic way of controlling blog comments at a site where the owner wishes to stick to their own topics of expertise.

    I find a much more fertile place to discuss that, also John Ward’s blog and his new site, which is specifically set up to discuss Covid19 topics.


    1. Oh, I agree. OffGuardian is great and does not moderate comments though quie a few seem to end up in the Spam trap. Mine do anyway.

      I’ll take a look at John Ward’s blogs. Thanks for the tip rtj1211.


  2. Its a funny old game Saint as someone used to say. Robin Ramsey at Lobster has alluded to something not quiet being right at ‘Murray Mill’ a couple of times in the last year. I duly noted but ignored this. Having read your article here and on OffGuardian… um once a spook always a spook…

    I have had my own odd (a deliberately chosen word) interactions at “The Slog” website Mr Jagger mentions. Without ever making any personal comments about Mr Ward or his regular acolytes I have several times received his blazing ire for no apparent reason (“I don’t think you read my website” was a favourite). I also had, bizarrely, someone posting using my username or a very similar derivative, setting out directly contrary points to posts I made earlier that day. God knows why? I’m hardly prolific nor post with my photo. I’m now “slogged” out.

    And what has happened to Richard D Hall? Is he investigating his own disappearance?


    1. What indeed has happened to Richard D Hall? I’ve seen nothing from him lately. I’ve seen mainstream articles about the disappearance of Maddy and who the latest suspect is but I never read them because I know they have have their origins in the Deep State. The dog’s dead now. But it knew a thing or two.


  3. John, I’ve sent money to Craig on numerous occasions. I was on the Julian Assange march in London that he fronted. Sadly, I’ve come to the conclusion that he needs tough love. He and his disgusting moderation team need to be blackballed until he comes to his senses and sacks the lot of them and starts afresh. He has clearly been infiltrated.



    1. Tony, I’ve sent money to some of his causes though I never made an annual subscription. I’ve also bought all his books though I never got round to finishing Sikhunder Burnes. It is well-written and well-researched as you might expect. It was the subject matter I could not raise the same enthusiasm for as Craig himself.


  4. I also got ‘temporarily banned from Craig’s Blog months ago, I was told pending a review of my posts, and have heard SFA since. And I got banned whilst posting on the ‘Discussion Forum’!
    I must be a ‘very naughty boy’! Two other commenters had threatened me with ‘the Moderators’ a number of times. C’est la vie, !A luta continua! elsewhere….


    1. Paul, the more I have thought about it the more certain I am that Clark (Killick) is the moderator, now being paid for the job he used to do gratis, who is responsible for banning people with a non-mainstream view on the COVID-19 nonsense. I have circumstantial evidence, which might not hold up in court, but he is the only person in my radar of suspicion.


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